Most of us have a conflict in our minds regarding the efficiency of the pool heaters. How to make pool heaters work well or how to reduce the cost of the run and many more? As we know pool heaters can consume a good quantity of energy but it can also save up to 75% of energy if used properly. According to the research held in Florida, it is concluded that we can save 1/3rd of the energy if used effectively.  Again how to save energy? So, guys if you are not yet up to a solution then this article is for you to understand. Let us move forward and reveal more about the article.

The table below explains the energy saved by many. It shows a higher percentage of saving energy.

Pump replacement (downsizing)180014040%
Reduced time (60%)120010060%
Combination of above7206075%

5 simple hacks that you must try

The following method shows how to boost up the efficiency of the pool heaters. Just be aware of the little things and you can save energy in a good amount. So let’s check out what they are.

1. Location! Location! Location!

It is the primary step of the installment of the pool heater which must be chosen wisely. This is the most important equation as the question of saving energy will be solved using it. Select the location where the sun does not have a direct impact because it can lead to evaporation. However, we can get some energy from the sun as a natural source, and still install the pool heater away from direct sunlight exposure.

2. The Size

Larger the size of the pump greater is the maintenance and pumping cost. So, if you have a larger pump then replace it with the smaller pump but make sure that you should consult with a plumber or any specialist.

According to the study, it is calculated that 0.75 horsepower small pumps are sufficient to buy for the residential area. Pump electricity can be reduced by up to 40% due to a decrease in the pool circulation hydraulic resistance.

3. Check the plumbing around the valves and pipe joiners for leaks, (especially in older pools)

Regularly keep an eye on the valve and pipe joiners to prevent heat loss. Many times it’s observed that irregular maintenance leads to heavy loss which results in damaging major parts. To overcome this, one must clean the valve and other joining parts regularly to avoid heat loss. The difference will be small in the beginning but this small- small saving can make a bigger saving. You will notice that cleaning the evaporator coil cleans boots the heat effectively.

4. Upgrade the filter to a more water-efficient model, (such as a cartridge filter)

It is necessary to clean the filters more often to get a smooth flow of water. This is because the filters may be clogged with the dust and dirt and other debris present in the water which might affect the working of pool heaters. Therefore one must upgrade the filter and perform its cleaning from time to time.

How often should you clean the filters?

® Once in a week.

®   Empty the skimmer basket every week.

®   Empty the pump basket each week.

5. Turn off the pool heater and maintain the pump running

Turning off the heater can also cause heat loss. Although heating of water is a must but still there is something even more important and that is maintaining the water of the pool warm for a longer duration. So to solve this problem you must keep on circulating the water by using the pump at the lowest speed when the heater is off. This will result in managing the water warm for a long time.  This technique is the cheapest one when you try it during night time and the next morning it will not take much of your energy to heat it more.


All these methods will help you upgrade the quality and efficiency of the pool heater. All you have to do is get aware of the thing. The surrounding is full of possibilities. So pick anyone which you find best for you and save as much you can. I hope the article guided you in the right direction.

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