If you wish to spend a perfect family time within your four walls then swimming pools are one of the most exciting options to try. There is a huge variety of swimming pools to go with, some go for the usual one while some are attracted to the above ground pool. Now the question arises what factors we must look for to select the best above ground pool heater for us. So, let us move forward and find out which is best for us.

Factors that you should keep in mind

Before installing the pool set up there are some essentials that need to work on. You should find every possible action that you should have decided first let us see what are those factors that we should search for.

Select the space

The very important step is to find a suitable place to install the pool. If you are not aware of facts like the ground needs to be leveled first before installing the pool. It should be flat. You cannot install the pool in an uneven area. So, look for the perfect place.

Measure the size of your pool

Once you find the place for your pool understands the size of the pool that needs to be installed. Remember to leave some room for the extra essentials that will be installed around the pool.  For example the filter, heat pump, etc.  Keep note that the rectangular or oval-shaped pool needs some extra space around its perimeter for the support. So, maintain some space for them.

Understand the pool type

The market has a variety of pools available. Now you select the pool which will be the best for your family size. As we have two major ones. Steel pools and the aluminum pool. Steel pools are less expensive and resistant to corrosion while aluminum is more expensive and is highly resistant to corrosion.

Determine the wall height

Initially, the above ground pool comes with a height of 42 inches but nowadays it is available in 42, 48, 52, and 54 inches. The more the height of the wall the more will be its depth. So if you have small children then don’t go with a deeper one while for adults you can choose the deepest one.

What is the Pool wall?

Pool walls are a vital component of the pool as it supports the weight of the water. These walls are available in two for one is the galvanized steel and the other is the aluminum. The aluminum offers us lifetime security while the steel is although good but lesser in comparison with aluminum.

Understand the Top Ledge

It is the ring which is visible to you when you are in the pool. This is also a very important component of the pool. They are composed of galvanized steel or resin-coated steel or resin. Resin is a good material when touch feels cool. Steel ledge is an alternative as they are strong and economical.

Select the Ledge size

Ledge sizes are available in different sizes; they lie between 1 inch and 12 inches. Well, we don’t recommend less than 6 inches and more than 8 inches. So buy-in between these two.


These are the vertical braces that are available on the side of the pool. They are used as a supporter of the top ledge.  These are also made either from galvanized steel or resin-coated steel.

What should be the size and shape of the pool?

As discussed above the size of the pool should be selected based on the area at your place. If you have a smaller region then go with the smaller pool and if the bigger area finds a bigger pool. The shape also really matters. If you find the circular pool more area will be covered but if you opt for the oval one then another set up needs to be fitted to balance it which is more expensive.

Choose equipment that needs to be installed.

Select the accessories that you need to install near to your pool because the basis of the types of equipment and the accessories you will be able to understand the design and actual size of the pool some people install some fancy accessories and extra equipment for saving up more energy. so, effectively select the place for filters, pool ladders, vacuum system, and many more.


In this tutorial, I have mentioned all the factors that you should keep in mind before you choose your pool. Make note of each material that you need to be fitted around the pool. Look for every possibility and then select your above ground pool heater. Make sure that you understand your family type and fix the budget so that you don’t have to worry further. This was all about selecting the pool heater. I hope the article provided appropriate information.

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