A propane heater is the best solution for warm up the area. A propane heater can easily give warmth to the surroundings and provide sufficient energy. When you use a proper heater you should follow instructions very carefully. A propane heater is a dangerous device to play with and if you don’t follow instruction it can harm you in many ways.

When you light a propane heater there’re several things to keep minds while processing. We created a list of it. Take a close look.

Lighting up a propane heater is not a big deal. In fact, you only need is a propane tank and lighter or matches. But If you want safe uses then you’ve to follow some step:

1) Choose a heater that fit’s on your need

There’re several types and sizes of propane tanks available in the market. Always choose a propane tank that perfectly fit on your need.  The bigger the propane tank the more it produces heat and carbon monoxide. Use BTU measurement to choose the right kind of propane for uses.

2) Purchase a propane heater that has best safety features

As I mentioned above using propane is dangerous and you might sometime get hurt. So, it’s always a great choice if you use a propane tank that has plenty of safety features. The first feature that you should look for is the Oxygen Depletion System (ODS) alert. It means that when oxygen gets low it will notify you to throw alarm sound.

3) Always set propane heater to the outside:

A propane heater needs plenty of oxygen to dilute carbon monoxides. If you set heater inside, the heater might feel a shortage of oxygen. So it’s always a great choice to place heater outside where a propane heater can get sufficient oxygen.

How To Light a propane heater

  • Place outside a propane heater before start it.
  • Check for a regulator if it’s working properly or not. The regulator lowers the pressure in the tank and controls the flow of gas. If the regulator needs replacement then replace it.
  • Find the valve control and open turn it on counterclockwise.
  • To light, a propane heater turn on the knob toward the front or side of the propane
  • Now push and hold on a knob to open the propane valve and set a regulator the medium.  It sends gas to the unit.
  • Take a match or lighter.
  • Place it on the outside of  the mesh screen (on regulator)
  • Look for a button at the end of the mess screen and flame a lighter or matches, hold it until burner lights.
  • When lights flame released it slowly.

Now, your propane heater is light properly and carefully.

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