Have you ever run out of propane while using the grill?

It feels very disgusting when your propane tank gets empty while cooking and then you need to run to the store immediately in the middle of cooking to refill, but don’t worry we have got you covered and you will not have to face such condition again, so we are here with some tips by which you can check the level of propane in your tank easily and don’t need to rush into the stores at such times and already have the supply and also you would never again run out of the propane in the middle of something.

So the methods by which you can check the level of propane in your tank are listed below:

1) Checking propane level with the help of hot water

This is the easiest way to tell how much propane left in your tank as it just requires hot water, you just need to pour a mug of hot water down the side of your propane tank and then run your hand down along the side of the tank and find the spot where you will feel cool and this top of the cool spot is the level till where your tank is filled.

This happened because propane gas will absorb the heat of the hot water and make the area cool where it is present and you will feel this cold spot when you run your hand down and will find the propane level easily.

This method just gives an approximate of the tank level so for more accurate results you need to check other methods listed below too.

2) Checking propane tank level by measuring its weight

A propane tank always comes with a few numbers stamped on its top and from there you can find TW (weight of the tank when it is empty), it is usually written in pounds.

To check if your tank has propane left you just need to weight your tank and then subtract the weight of empty tank(TW) from the weight you have measured (measured weight-weight of empty tank), this will give you a measure of how much propane is left in your tank and whether you need to go to the store or not.

3) By using a Tank Gauge

It is a more accurate method to measure the tank level other than the methods that just give an approximate of the propane tank level.

You just need to get a fuel gauge and attach it to your tank, many types of fuel gauges are present in the market ranging from one using temperature strips to show the increase in temperature where your fuel stops, to the built-in tank scale calibrated to your tank, it depends on you how much you want to spend while buying a fuel gauge for measuring the level. Also, some tanks have gauges built-in.

How to use a propane tank gauge (You can use a propane tank gauge very easily)

First look for a round dial which looks just like a speedometer and have numbers from 0-95 on it, this is a propane tank gauge and the numbers on it represent the percentage of how much your tank is filled with propane, you must refill the tank when the pointer of the gauge is on number less than 25.

4) Automated Delivery

You probably don’t want to worry about your propane tank level while your life is so busy with many other things so the easiest way to check on your propane gas level is to install a propane tank monitor. This smart technology alerts your propane supplier automatically when the propane level of your tank is low and allows them to come and refill your tank.

The propane tank monitor allows for automated delivery services when your tank is running out of propane.

By using these easy and less time-consuming methods you are never going to run out of propane ever.

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