Did you know that every year $12 Billion personal property loss from the fire and 73% alert with a smoke alarm present?

A fire cannot just damage your household but also put the danger of your family. That’s why you don’t have to take the chance on fire. 

It’s always best to prepare yourself in case of fire and also take safety education. To protect you, your family and household follow this fire safety guide and prepare yourself for the worst situation. 

What To Do in Case Of Fire

1) Always prepare for fire

Fire doesn’t knock your door. There is no specific time for the fire to take place. It happens any time and burned your house in minutes. So that’s always a better choice to prepares for the fire. It doesn’t mean that you’ve always lived in fear of fire but always check out your apartment to check if something unusual not happening. 

2) Never ignore a fire alarm

If fire starts, your fire alarm automatically starts. But many people just ignore it. They think that there is some manufacturing fault in alarm or it just rings because of someone smoke in the room. This type of thought can put in danger. There are chances that fire alarm rings because of some manufacturing fault or someone smoke in the house, but it’s always better to never ignore this type of situation and take some crucial steps if needed. 

3) Open Window

When a fire takes place in alarm, the first step you should take is quickly open all the windows in the house. This way the speed of fire is decreased and gives you some extra time to save your loved ones and your important documents to carry it with you. 

4) Inform family member

If a fire happens and your family member not aware of it, inform them as soon as possible. If your family member is sleeping wake them up and tell them to stay out of the house. This small step can save the life of all your family members. 

5) Plan an escape route

You don’t want to stay in the fire so always plan an escape route. If your door starts fire then take windows to escape from the home. 

6) Don’t use an elevator 

In fire Elevator automatically stop working and if you take an elevator for escape then you stuck in the elevator and the situation became even worse. So, it’s an intelligent step to use the stairs instead of an elevator. 

7) Don’t touch any electric devices

Electric devices increased fire speed than any other device. If a short circuit happens you can get shocked from it so don’t touch any electric devices in case of fire. 

8) Call fire safety department

Always call the fire safety department immediately and inform them about the situation. 

9) Don’t panic

Don’t panic while fire. The situation can be tough but you should always calm down and handle it patiently. So, don’t be afraid, take a deep breath, observe everything and then take the necessary step needed. 

Now you should know what fire is and what it can do. There is some resource that helps you to prevent fire and aware of you when a fire occurs.

Fire resources in Home

1) Install smoke alarms

Always install a smoke alarm in the basement or kitchen (we recommend in the whole house). Don’t smoke in the house. Test the smoke alarms every month. If it’s not working repair it or change the batteries. 

2) Use fire extinguishers

Install fire extinguishers in your house it protects your environment. Fire extinguishers can benefit for small fires and they also limit the amount of pollution caused by smoke. Test every year all the fire extinguishers. 

3) Use Fire Blanket 

The fire blanket is specially designed for extinguishing starting fire. It putting out any type of fire if it’s electric or other types. Sometimes you won’t be to able to reach the fire extinguishers if you throw a fire blanket on the fire area it cut off the oxygen supply and prevent fire. 

4) Home fire sprinkles

Home fire sprinkles are a network of pipe filled with water under pressure that placed behind the walls and ceilings. If a fire occurs the air temperature increased and then sprays throw water forcefully. This is the most advanced way to prevent fire. In most of the cases, it extinguishes fire. 

5) A fire escape Ladder

If you live in an apartment or building where more than one level available then you should always keep a fire escape ladder that way you can quickly escape throw the window. 

6) Install fire alarm

Imagine the situation, you are asleep and your house on fire. You’re not aware of it. The situation automatically slips from your hand. So, it’s always a better choice to install a fire alarm. A fie alarm automatically starts ringing when a fire takes place at home.  

How to prevent fire in a home

There no particular time for a fire to occur but we can always prevent the source of the fire. Here are some of the tips to prevent fire in a home.

1) Check smoke detectors

Test your smoke detectors every month. If it’s doesn’t work properly change its battery. Many people forget about it so it’s worth to set an alarm or reminder that reminds you to test smoke detectors every month. 

2) Stay on kitchen

Don’t leave a kitchen until you cook is done. If you have to leave the room, switch off the stove or electric griddle immediately then leave the kitchen. Make sure that your gas connection does not work rapidly and if it does slow down the speed of gas. 

3) Look for the dryer

If you use a gas-powered clothe dryer, inspect it every year and make sure all connections work properly. If it’s doesn’t, look for the problem and repair it. Always clean the int filter after dry is done. 

4) Keep your stove and oven clean

Stove and oven not always the primary reason for fire but it who take chances. The stove doesn’t combust cause of cooking but it’s happened because some food particles stay in on the burger. So, it’s always the best choice to clean the stove and oven properly. 

5) Maintain all electronic cords

When plugging something, always look that cords haven’t been frayed or chewed. If you find any damages replace it quickly otherwise it becomes a huge fire accident.  

6) Properly store flammable products

Flammable product is those products who gives a boost to fire. Some cosmetics items and household cleaners are flammable products and if they connect with fire, they can be more dangerous. Keep these flammable products on the cool area and far away from space heaters. 

7) Keep curtain away from the kitchen

A curtain is flammable cosmetic and if they connect with flame, the chances for fire are high for sure. If possible don’t use curtains in the kitchen. If you already have a curtain in the kitchen keep them away from the cooking area. 

8) Check kitchen before going to bed

While you going to sleep, take one quick look at the kitchen and make sure that ovens. Stoves and other appliances are properly turned off. If you forget to switch them off do it quickly. And sleep without any fear or disturbance. 

9) Look for electric wired

The electric fault is the top cause of home fires. That’s why always look for the electric wires if they don’t work properly repair it. If electric wired burned change it as soon as possible. Taking care of your electricity is the best way to prevent your home from. You should never take a chance on electricity. 

10) store oil product away from the stove

Always keep away all the oil equipment from the stove. And if possible, contain them in a separate room.

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