We use a lot of products all around our home and garage. Wasting energy has become a regular habit for everyone. Almost everyone contributes to some form of energy wastage. However, it’s important to stay conservative and you can present little awareness to cut down the energy wastage. These small tips on saving energy while using home appliances could make the world go better for you.

Our world is changing. The world our older knows is different than the world in which we live today. In the last century, much innovative technology comes into the market, and they change the way of human life. As new technology emerged in the market so the requirement of energy is touch to the sky. In the last decade, the need for energy is rise doubled and the price for this energy also rise. 

If the demands are increasing this way, all the energy on earth will soon feel scarcity. So the best possible way to fight this calamity is to save energy as much as possible. Energy-saving is not only saving energy for the future but also reduce your electricity bills. 

It sounds good that you can save energy at your home or garage without giving too much effort. But it’s not as easy as it seems. So we introduced you to 25 innovative ways to save energy at home and garage that helps to reduce the need for power and save your energy. 

The benefits of technology come with the cost of energy. There are many ways to produce energy but it’s not enough. Every day the demands for energy are increasing and so does the price of it. 

Levels of Energy Consumption

Type of ElectronicEnergy Consumption
Space Heating42%
Water Heating18%

It is important to know about the levels of energy consumption. Heating equipment like space heaters or room heaters consumes the most energy which is almost 42% of the total around you. Surely, efficient water heaters could bring these levels down and might help you the most.

Cost of energy consumption

When it comes to water heaters, the usage of energy can be controlled. You need to have a key look at the amount of energy that is being consumed today. It is always important to know about the efficiency and also the energy use of the water heaters that you will use.

Type of HeaterEfficiency FactorInstallation CostEnergy CostLife Cycle
Natural Gas0.6$900$15013
Electric Storage0.95$700$48213
NG Storage0.7$1600$12613

Annual Energy Use

When you start using electronic equipment for a long time, they will obviously consume more. However, the average amount of electricity use should also be kept in mind when you are on the verge of running all the appliances. The amount of energy consumed by the space heater could be calculated according to the number of members in your family.

Family SizeEnergy Use
1 Person1550 KWh
2 Person2200 KWh
3 Person2750 KWh
4 Person3500 KWh
5 Person4200 KWh
6 Person4800 KWh

Use cold water instead of hot water

Many people use hot water for washing their hands or cooking, but there is no need for that. You can always use cold water for washing hands and cooking. Even research says that it’s better to wash your hand with cold water. 

In the garage, if your hand is dirty or you want to wash machinery, then cold water is enough for it. Definitely, if you have dark blur in your hands or machine, you should wash with hot water. 

This type of activity saves energy used in boiling water.

Utilize task lighting

You don’t always have to rely on the big, single lights that illuminate an entire room. For example, at night. You shouldn’t use the main light on the night where you don’t need all the room to illuminates. You can simply rely on task lighting that simply illuminates a portion of the room. If you choose the right area, place it there, and you can do extra activities with it. It not does saves you extra energy but also gives you excellent visual terms. 

In the garage, if you’re not working or you have to just work in one part of the area, then task lighting gives you better illumination then the main bulb. 

Switch off electronics when not in use

Electronics items extract the most fragment of energy and put up extra bucks in your bills. So it’s better to switch off the electronics items when not in use. For garage, you only have to rely on electricity while you are working when you work in done always plug out all electronics devices. 

Purchase Energy-Efficient Appliances

Appliances are used 13% of your total household energy use. When purchasing an appliance, consider these two things: The price of that product and yearly operating cost. 

When buying an appliance always look for the energy star, the more star on the product, the less energy they use. Energy savings star is different based on appliance. In garage use machinery that saves energy or have verified/certified with energy associate that consume less energy. 

Cook All The Things At Once

If you use the appliance for cooking, then cook every item at once. If you give a break in cooking, you have to start the appliance every time you cook. This takes more energy than continues cooking. So it’s better to save all that preheating energy and don’t take a break while cooking. 

Use the right type of water heater

Buy a water heater that has energy sufficient. Always look for a model that has energy star levels. If you use gas-fired type, then look for those who were at least 0.67 energy factor. You also have an option for heat pump water heaters that consume less power than any other type of water heater. A tankless water heater is also the best option to choose for because they eliminate heat losses and consume less energy. 

Unplug you power tools 

Garages are the perfect work station or home office. As a result, they have many types of power tools and different kinds of electric devices that use in garage work. Power tools can save you adequate time and give a boost to your work. Power tools even work better when you use them in standby mode. Always remember that if you want more ages for your power tools, then always unplug them after using this way they save you energy and work great for a long time.

Clear all the old appliances

If you are using an appliance that uses by your father then my friend you should replace it. There are many reasons to replace old appliances.

  • They have no working efficiency 
  • They’re more energy-efficient model available in the market

A new model can give you proper working quality and also saves you power that benefits to reduce your electricity bills. 

Keep Your Garage Insulate

It’s tricky to keep your garage at a comfortable temperature. If your insulation to your wall it can reduce your heating and cooling costs by up to 20 percent, and if you do insulation to your ceiling it may reduce costs by up to 45 percent. With insulation, you can keep your garage cool in summer and warm in winter. 

Use the microwave 

Microwave can cook your meals faster than a toaster oven while using about a fifth less energy. A microwave is better than the conventional oven. 

A conventional oven takes 2 hours to cool your meal while microwaves can cook it in just 30 minutes. The microwave also consumes low power and gives you excellent energy efficiency with saving your time. 

Upgrade HVAC System 

A composed of heating, ventilation, and air conditioning equipment is called an HVAC system. Heating alone can take more than 40% of the home energy. Most of the northern part feels too much colder during winter, and it required long heating energy to working properly for any appliance. 

Cover your food While Freezing

You can prevent food from getting spoiled by putting it in the fridge. But how you put in on the, it affects your fridge energy. If you put food with a plate, then it uses more power to stay it cool. If you wrap food with plastic, then it consumes less energy, and they stay a long time safely without getting spoiled. 

Adjust your day to day behaviors

You don’t always need to buy sufficient energy appliances to reduce your energy need you can forever change your daily activity and save much more energy without giving too many efforts. You can always conserve energy with simple things like always switch off fans or light when you do not need them. You can always task manually like hand your clothes instead of putting it on the washing machine and wash your dish instead of the dishwater this type of activity will save you energy. 

Change your light bulb

The light bulb consumes more energy than any other home appliance because some appliances are seasonable, and others are not useful for all day. Still, the light bulb is 24-hour appliances and enlightens every corner of your house. Traditional light bulbs consume an excessive amount of electricity that is a lot more than other Halogen incandescent bulbs, compact fluorescent lights (CFLs), and light-emitting diode bulbs (LEDs) use anywhere from 25-80% less electricity and last three to 25 times longer than traditional bulbs.

Install a programmable or smart thermostat

If you want to reduce heating and cooling when you are not awake then you might need a programmer that can be automatically switched off while not in use. On average it can save up to $180 per year.  There are many types of thermostat available that can adjust as your need. It also reminds you when to replace air filters or HVAC system problems that also improve the efficiency of your cooling and heating system. A smart thermostat also useful in winter and summer to make a room warm and cold. 

Shower quickly

This is a tiny change that saves your lots of energy and also your precious time. Many people take a shower for a long time, and when they wash their bodies with soap, they forget to turn off the shower. It consumes not only more energy but also wastewater that can be used for many purposes. So always remind your self while showering always turn off the shower when no need to use and if possible use buckets instead of the shower. It saves not only a lot of electricity but also water. 

Check for leaks in the house and garage

If you have an old house or old system in your house, then there are pretty much chances that many systems are leaking water or other things. This leakage takes a long time to fill the tanks or bucket because a tiny amount of water gets wasted and it nowhere to use. So it’s better to check your system and see where the leakage comes from and immediately fit it. It consumes less power and saves lots of electricity. If needed, replace the system. 

Don’t let water flow when Unnecessary

Most of the problems with people that waste lots of water while washing clothes or dishes. These types of activities can consume way more energy than you think and also wastewater. Next time when you are washing dishes or clothes, it reminds yourselves to turn off water flow when you are not using it. If you wash dishes or clothes, it saves lots of energy and time compared to water flows. If possible start using a bucket instead of water flows. 

Cover your cookware

If you want to boil any food as fast as possible, then cover the pot with a lid. It increases the temperature by trapping the heat.  If you cover cookware, it accelerates the temperature and cooks fast any type of food. The faster you cook, the faster you can turn off the stove or induction cooker this way, it saves your energy the best possible way. 

Drapes and furniture relative to the sunlight

You don’t have to keep the heater on all the time when cold or you don’t always rely on your air conditioner to keep the room cool. Sometimes you just have to block the sunlight and prevent the heat from reaching the room. Drapes and curtains will do this for you. Drapes help you to reach sunlight in winter and keep your room hot. In summer use curtain to prevent sunlight that reaches the room and keep your room cold as much as possible.

Collect rainwater and store it 

Rainy season can give you free water without paying taxes or water bills and if you store it you can use it for all season. If you collect rainwater then you don’t have to rely on any other source of water. 

Take up gardening

If the outside area of your home is vast, then you can use it for many purposes. But most of the people use this area for gardening. If you grow some plant in your garden, it not only gives you warmth but also provides some food and fresh air. So you don’t have to always rely on Air conditioners or fans. Without using this appliance, you can save lots of energy and reduce your electricity bills. 

Defrost the freezer

Most of the appliance consumes more energy because of the lack of cleaning activity. If you want your appliance work rightly and save your bills, then clean them from time to time. Most of the time, the freezer needs a defrosting regularly. If you do not clean the freezer frequently, the ice will accumulate and affect how the quality of the freezer lasts. 

Don’t always fill the kettle

Fill the kittle as your need for hot coffee. If you need 1 cup of coffee and you boiled five glass of water, it’s not just waste the water but also consume more energy.  So always boil the necessary water that you need. 

Grow a tree and use trees

Trees are best to protect the environment and minimizes the needs of energy. If you don’t have a tree in your house, then grow one and experience the value of the tree. 

Once you grow a tree, your fan and AC bills will automatically reduce. 

Now apply every trick that mentions in the above list and save your electricity bills and energy. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you calculate energy efficiency?

In simple terms, the energy efficiency is calculated with the energy obtained and also the energy that is used by the tool. For example, the levels of energy input and the efficiency refers to almost 50 percent. For most of the small electronic items, the uses of the bulbs and led lights have higher efficiency.

What is an energy efficient drive?

It is basically a technology that is used by drivers to reduce the fuel consumption. When you are working in a garage or willing to use an efficient fuel for your car, hypermiling fuel comes to be of great help. This always increases the levels of efficiency for you to use and to get the effective results.

What is the purpose of energy efficiency?

Energy is not a renewable source for you to acquire. Once the energy is lost, it becomes hard to regain it. This is why the advent of having energy efficiency equipment for your home has become so important. Most of the people now believe in procuring the energy efficient models that will conserve less and give you major benefits.

Does the fan consume more electricity?

This will completely depend on what type of current that you are using. Most of the household fans are connected with 220 volt AC. However, they do not consume much current at all. They are highly energy efficient and consume the same amount of current for each of the speed settings included.

How much energy does a fridge use?

The energy of a fridge always depends on the capacity it has and the rate of cooling. If you consider any domestic fridge, it should be around 400 litres of space. According to this, the power consumption should be around 100-250 watts. This is why it uses around 1-2 KWh as the rate of electric consumption.


New electronic tools are getting launched every day. In 2020, energy conservation has become a matter of serious interest for everyone. Nobody likes their environment to be filled with products that are alarming to nature. This is why, consuming less and producing more has now become a mandate for everything. However, with small steps and helpful tips, you will be able to individually contribute a lot to Mother Nature as well.

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