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How to hook up a propane tank to a wall heater

A Wall heater is more economical than electric heaters and provides low-cost heating to any room. To hook up this heater is not a tough task, but you should be careful and install it properly.

Before installing propane tank to a wall heater determine below things:

1) Determine the location of a wall heater

You have to find the area in your room where the heater hung on the one side and propane tank on the outside. It means you have to find a location with an outside wall.

2) Drill the wall

Use the drill to dig into a wall that will hold the mounting brackets. use the hardware that provided and install the brackets. Now place the heater on the brackets to check for level and to determine how it will hang. Now spot the place where the hose for the propane tank will hang and slide the heater back off the brackets and place to the side.

3) Prepare for the Hose

Now dig a hole with the two-inches cutting bit where your spot the site previously. Once the hole has been drilled, run the length of hose and make sure that it fits properly.

4) Change the Heater

This is the final step for the interior portion of the installation, where you put your heater on the brackets. Use copper lines with flared fitting to operate your heater from the fuel source to the heater.

5) Connect your propane tank

Go outside of your wall and connect the hose to the propane tank. To do this, use the adapters that come with the heater. Many companies don’t provide the adapters, so you have to purchase it from the shop. Determine the type of heater and size of the tank that helps you to buy the propane tank. Once your propane tank is fit to connect your hose and test the unit.

6) Examine the heater

For examining the heater that if it’s work properly or not, turn on the propane tank switch on the heater and depress the ignition switch. Follow these steps several times to prime the heater before it shows the lights.

If you see the light or flame form and now you can start different test settings on the heater.

Once all the test is done, you can use this heater whenever you want as per your need.

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