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BTU means British Thermal Unit that defined as the amount of energy required to raise one pound of water one degree Fahrenheit.

Not all the industry solely depends upon gallons or pounds of propane to make crucial decisions. Many industrial, commercial, and residential customers are use BTU for their propane energy needs.

Use of BTU depends on the size and ceiling height of the area. Despite this fact, it also depends on several features which we will discuss in the future.

But for now, we only discuss what amount of BTU ideally choice for your small room or medium room.

Before we discuss this, let’s take a quick look at how BTU can impact the propane heater.

The size of your house, type and amount of insulation, along with the quality of doors and windows all these things calculated when decided amount of BTU for a propane tank.


There is no specific answer to this question because it mainly depends on your room size, and appliances are in the room. 

Research says that propane provides an average of 2,500 BTUs per standard cubic foot that makes it a very efficient fuel source. 

BTU unit mainly provides energy to propane heater and delivers low-cost energy. 

But choosing the right type of BTU propane heater is not an easy task

So we do lots of experiments and research to gives you a little bit of idea for 10000, 20000, 30000 BTU that use in propane heater.

Take a look.

1) 10000 BTU

BTU propane heater is an ideal choice for 250 square feet room or hall. This type of BTU will run about 43 hrs on a 20 LBS tank. If you are looking for a propane heater that consumes lower energy and gives the best warm result possible for your small room, then you should consider for 1000 BTU propane heater.

2) 20000 BTU

BTU propane heater is an ideal choice for up to 700 square feet. This type of propane heater is best for a large room or hall. If you want to produce a large amount of heat in the colder season, then this 2000 BTU gives you maximum results and keeps your room warm and heat.

3) 30000 BTU

30000 BTU propane heater can be useful for a small auditorium or large hall that used for public speaking or small crowd gathering. It keeps auditorium cold free and warmth with its large quantity of BTU.30000 BTU makes propane heater quick, quite a convection, and easy to use the product.

In order to choose the perfect BTU propane heater for your need to keep these things in mind:

  • The size of the room is your first priority
  • How quickly you want warmth room
  • A propane heater that consumes lower energy and provides better productivity

If you need any additional help for choosing the right amount of BTU for propane heater, just type in the comment box we are Happy to Help you. 

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