Propane heaters available in different sizes and shapes it is useful in homes and also in offices and pools. Propane heaters safe in the garage for your cars and homes. 1000 sq feet or less use shop heater with a rating of 45,000 to 75,000 BTUs per hour. Larger garage used 60,000 BTUs or more.  Proper ventilation reduces the risk of carbon mono oxide poisoning. Always stay away from cardboards, gas cans, and other flammable material from the propane heater.  Some types of propane heaters for the garage are;


This heater is normally called iconic Cannon heaters they blast the air out. It works quietly 50% to a standard propane heater and 60,000 BTUs heater. They heat up to 1500 sq feet and produce continuous ignition. In markets, 5 types of Forced-Air heaters are found ranging from 40,000 to 300,000 BTUs these are suitable for every size and shape of the room. It has a certified auto shut off system in case of oxygen level becomes low in the room.


It is an electrical heater element. Air moves by convection current around the appliances across its heating elements and then air becomes heats up and increases their volume. Hot air moves towards the room ceilings which is produced by mixing air and gas in the heating mixture.  In winter it makes the room warmer and turn the thermostat off. It acts like a barrel that spreads heat in every direction.

Wall-mounted blue flame

It is a more radiate heater that saves space by mounting the wall. It has a certified auto shut off system in case of oxygen level becomes low in the room. They offered three models 30,000, 20,000 and 10,000.

Is it safe to use a propane heater?

The short answer is yes.

  • As long as you use it correctly their actual incredible element is much protected.
  • The biggest danger is the carbon mono oxide produced by a propane heater.
  • Propane itself has a very strong smell if it is leaked you can detect easily.
  • Use a carbon mono oxide detector to prevent carbon mono oxide and use a little bit of ventilation.

It is safe for garage use by providing two things which are available;

  1. Provide good ventilation for the exhaust pipe
  2. Enough combustible air to use fuel

Both are very available in the garage and other precautionary measures also included in. Provide those conditions in which children or pets move in that area. Do not leave it in an unattended place.

Propane and kerosene both are excellent fuels for heaters but propane is more easily and effectively for the heater to warm your garage or room. Propane is much better than kerosene because kerosene is oil-based and causes smell but propane has less smell than kerosene. Propane has a risk of leaking while kerosene leakage is not dangerous in any case. So propane heaters are fantastic for your garage in winter to warm.

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