It gives a great pleasure while swimming in the pool but don’t you think you can only enjoy its comfort for one season and not many. Do you guys agree with this, now, what would be the solution?  Well in my opinion why not install a pool heater. This will let you enjoy your pool every season and will be more fun.  However, we know that installing a pool heater is quite costly and tricky but we can still manage to install it. So let see how much it will cost and can be saved out of it.

How Much Does It Cost To Install POOL HEATER

How to decide the budget?

Sometimes it becomes difficult to understand the cost of getting a pool heater. Installing a pool heater can cost you a good amount if you are unplanned about it. Therefore, some factors you must keep in your mind so that you can select the best pool heater for you. To understand the budget you must go through the following factors:

  • Type
  • Size
  • Cost

The above three are the factors where the quality and the budget of the pool heater can be determined.

Type of the pool heater

It is very necessary to understand the type and the environment in which you live. Which could be the best-suited pool heater for your locality?  This must be kept in consideration to know about the pool heaters. Once you understand your needs you should look for the pool heaters matching your desires.

Size must be known

Must hire a professional in this field who can guide you about the size of the pool heater you should install. Understand when and who will be using the pool so that you may get an idea about the size.

Estimated Cost

The cost will vary according to the size and type of the pool heater you have selected. Sometimes it may cost you less while if you opt for more featured one then it will cost you with good money.

Installation Cost

Before installing any pool heater it is suggested that you should consult with any professional in this field. Although the prices are higher but on average, it will cost you $500 to $1,000.  Every pool heater has its different specifications so the price may vary according to it.

Operation cost

The price for installation and operation costs will be different. You must keep the operation cost into consideration. The price of the heat pump and many other essentials needs to be bought. As there are a variety of pool heaters so according to them the price will vary. For example, if you go with the soar heater then you have to pay less as its natural source of energy but the pump will cost you a hundred dollars. Similarly, if you choose the natural gas heaters then I must say that they are way more expensive.

Costs by Location of Heating Outdoor Pools with a Heat Pump*

w/ cover1/1–12/31$215$300$410
w/ cover3/1–10/31$45$85$125
w/ cover4/1–10/31$90$140$205
w/ cover4/1–10/31$155$205$290
Los Angeles5/1–10/31$950$1210$1485
w/ cover5/1–10/31$85$155$240
Kansas City5/1–10/31$715$935$1185
w/ cover5/1–10/31$145$205$270
New York5/1–9/30$740$975$1220
w/ cover5/1–9/30$105$150$200
w/ cover5/1–9/30$105$150$195
w/ cover5/1–8/31$70$100$150
w/ cover5/1–8/31$120$165$235
w/ cover6/1–9/30$100$125$190
San Fran6/1–8/31$800$950$1110
w/ cover6/1–8/31$95$165$240
w/ cover6/1–8/31$150$215$280

*Figures based on a 1,000 square foot, outdoor pool heated with an air to water heat pump with an average COP of 5.0 at $.085/kwh.

Estimates the annual savings of using a heat pump pool heater compared to using an electric resistance or gas pool heater.

Annual Savings Comparisons of Gas and Electric Pool Heaters*

Gas Pool Heater
Electric Resistance

How much did different pool heaters cost?

Propane pool heaters

For about 1 gallon per hour per 100,000 BTU’s will operate propane pool heaters. This implies that for 1 hour on propane %10.00 will be cost.

Natural Gas Pool Heater.

For about 1 therm per hour per 100,000 BTU’s will operate on Natural gas pool heaters. So, one hour on natural gas will take your $4.00.

Final verdict

Finding the best pool heater is not that tough. Just follow the above guidelines and you will get your desirable pool heater. And according to that, you can estimate the cost. See so simple. I hope the article helped you.

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