To connect with your propane heater, you need an appropriate hose that will fit in properly. Now every hose will have good conduction of heat. Specific propane hose is made up of PVC, EPDM, NBR, or PTFE depending on the pressure. A propane extension hose is basically the connection that holds both the propane tank and the regulator.

Any propane based heater will have extreme pressure while working. As a result, it becomes important to have a specific propane hose that will be able to cope up with around 250 psi or more. Any general propane hose must come with an approved license because of enhanced durability. They are mainly used to transfer excessive pressure of water with high temperature.

Any general PVC hose will not be able to deal with such high pressure unless it is certified for Propane uses. Usually, most such hoses are built with plastics or rubber material while some are covered in a steel mesh. It is simply because protective layers enhance durability of this product.

There are mainly four different types of propane extension hoses which include:

1. Low-Pressure Hoses

They are built for propane heaters that require low water pressure. It can be used for smooth flow of water when the pressure is low.

2. High-Pressure Hoses

High pressure hoses are great when you have excessive pressure of water. It helps your propane heater to successfully receive more than 250 psi of water.

3. Propane Flex Lines

Sometimes, it’s not possible to get a straight PVC hose to fit to your heater. A flexible hose like propane flex lines could help you out with this.

4. Camping Hoses

Camping hoses are basically typical hose pipes which you can carry outwards when you travel and set up a propane heater. It adjusts to the climatic condition.

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