Method to dispose of kerosene

Kerosene, a flammable hydrocarbon liquid that is mostly used to light up the light lamps and warm-up the houses. But one thing that seems quite difficult for most of us is its disposal. Many people do not understand where to dispose of it? As it is dangerous to let it flow directly in the sewage or the water bodies. So what could be the methods? Well, there are certain ways to dispose of the kerosene. 

Methods To dispose of kerosene?

Flowing the kerosene in the running sewage or somewhere else can harm the environment as well as the human.  It is very dangerous if you pick this as your solution.  Therefore, here are some ways that can help you.

Method 1: Find the HHW around your place

HHW or Household hazardous waste is the organization that picks up the hazardous waste of your house. You need to look for such an organization around you. You can go to their official website and find which one is allotted for your area. 

Method 2: Get in touch with the HHW organization

Once you get to know about the HHW, call them and ask them if they accept kerosene or not. Although most of them accept but still for confirmation you should always ask. Also, get to know whether they will come to pick up the kerosene from your place or you have to go with kerosene. Do not forget to ask them about any fee as sometimes they demand it. So it will be better to gather the information early to avoid confusion.

Remember: before you hand over the kerosene, Label the container by properly mentioning that it has kerosene inside it. 

Method 3: Alternative of HHW

If you do not find any such service around you then do not panic, you can go to some gas station and ask them whether they accept the kerosene. Many gas stations allow the kerosene intake. So you can do this as well.

Remember: Whenever you hand over the kerosene to such a station then it is your responsibility to mark the label of kerosene on it. To avoid any danger it would be better if you mention the label. 

Method 4: Give away some kerosene to your neighbors

If it seems difficult for you to dispose of kerosene then despite disposing of it you can even share it with your neighbors. In this way, your kerosene will be ended without any panic. Also if the kerosene is about to complete three months then let your neighbors get it finished as early as possible.

Method 5: If nothing of the above works

Although it is never suggested if you have a little bit of kerosene left and you think that would be a way to dispose then leave it in a ventilated space away from children and pets also from the humans. However, if any of the above methods work for you then please go with it. Do not implement this.


Disposing kerosene can be a little difficult but not that hard. Simply call HHW or any other government organization that will help you with the problem. But do remember that it would be better that you buy only a smaller amount of kerosene at a time if you don’t feel much need. And also, keep in mind that to store the kerosene at room temperature away from direct sunlight or another heated place and never drain it in the sewage because it can harm the humans, pets, and environment a lot. So make note of it. 

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