Most people have heaters in their houses, but different peoples prefer different types of heaters according to their uses and requirements. One thing that we give the least attention to is that we also need heaters for our garages, these garage heaters are very different from the normal room heaters because of the extraordinary designs garages have, now you must be thinking that why would we need a distinct heater for a garage, keep scrolling to know.

Why We need garage heaters?

Many of you already know this thing as you have experienced it and many of you will be still wondering, so basically there are two needs of a garage heater, first one is to keep you warm as you spend a lot of time in your garage also and in winters you often feel uncomfortable because of the low temperature, in such cases you will not feel like working in the garage even if it is very urgent, buying a heater for your garage can be the best option for you to keep yourself warm and comfortable.

Second advantage or we can say the need for a garage heater is that it also increases the life of your car, in cold weather your car faces a lot of problems and malfunctions and therefore it needs to be kept warm, using a garage heater will keep your car warm and away from the problems occurring because of cold weather by heating it.

Now that you know that it is good to have a garage heater, still, confusion will be in your mind as different types of garage heater are present in the market depending on the fuel they run on, such as propane heaters, gas heaters, and electric heaters. It is a tough choice to choose any one among them as they all have their advantages and disadvantages. So let’s try to know the difference between these types of garage heaters with us.

Now let’s look at each type of garage heater distinctly to have better knowledge about their properties before making a choice.

Propane garage heaters

As the name suggests this type of garage heater uses propane as its fuel, they are in use in the areas where there is no availability of natural gas. When you light up a propane garage heater, propane gas inside it flows through the valve and reaches the heater and then with ignition or spark the heater starts, also there is a fan in some propane garage heaters and because of it, the heaters will also need a power source to run those fans.

When the temperature inside the heater reaches a certain value, the fan turns on and exchanges air with the outside environment, it takes cold air and discharges hot air.

There are many types of propane garage heaters also.

Now here comes the most interesting part i.e. the advantages of using a propane garage heater.

  • Propane garage heaters are very efficient in working.
  • They are present in various varieties, you can choose the perfect one according to your requirements so that there will be no issue of oversize and undersize.
  • Most of the propane heaters are very portable because of their small size and lightweight, so it will be very easy to move them from one place to another.

Gas garage heaters

These heaters need gas supply for working, they will be best for you if you already have a gas supply in your home because then you will not need to think of a different fuel for your garage heaters, but on the other hand, you will need to ensure that your gas connection is perfect to avoid any harm, always try to contact an experienced person for doing the connection part.

The gas heaters can be ventless or vented, it depends on you which one to choose, it’s just that the vented heater has a fan to push the exhaust gases outside.

Apart from providing the benefits of a garage heater the gas heater also has some plus points that are as follows:

  • They will cost you very less if you already have a gas supply, you can use that in your garage also.
  • They also come in portable forms, in the portable gas garage heaters there is just a tank of the gas attached with them, you will not need to do the connection with your gas supply, doing this will be beneficial when you want to take the heater from one place to another.
  • Some gas heaters can even produce gas up to 25,000 BTUs.

Electric garage heaters

These types of garage heaters run on electricity just like the other electric appliances in your home. I guess most of the people have an electrical connection in their garages, and people not having connection can also use the extensions to take the connection from the other rooms or parts of their home but then you need to have a portable electric heater, but this sometimes can be very uneasy to you, so we would prefer you to buy an electric heater only when there are no problems for you for arranging the electrical connection and if you already have one, then these heaters can be very good to use for you.

Benefits of having an electric garage heater-

  • They are noise-free
  • They require low maintenance.

Here comes the main part of this article, that is the comparison between these three types of garage heaters.


Now that you know about the electric, propane, and electric garage heaters and also about the benefits of having them, it will be very easy for you to understand the comparison between them. And also it will be very clear to you till now after looking at the requirements of these heaters which one you should prefer depending on the type of supply and garage you have, for example, if you do not have an existing gas supply in your home, then purchasing a gas garage heater will be costly to you and the options can be beneficial than a gas heater. Same way if you have an electrical supply in your garage then you should go for an electric heater as using it will be easier and convenient for you.

But still, to even clear the 1 percent doubt in your head about the choice you should make, let’s look at these comparisons, they will make your choice more clear and undoubtful. 

Propane garage heaters VS gas garage heaters

As you know now that a propane heater also have one fan that does the work of heat exchange to make it more efficient, but this being a plus point also have one negative point, fan in the propane heaters will produce noise also, and it can be a headache to you if you can not bear it, on the other hand, the gas heaters do not produce any noise, hence being very peaceful, now the choice is yours for which you want to go.

The main advantage of having a propane garage heater over a gas one is the portability of the propane heater, as we have already told you earlier that most of the propane heaters are lightweight and small in size and their this property make them portable, so in case you have to move your garage heater more often from place to place then propane heater is a better choice, gas heaters also provide portability if they have a tank attached to them but only a few of the propane garage heaters have this property.

 If you have a very large garage then you will need a heater that produces a good amount of heat in less time and for this task, if we compare these two heaters then the propane heater can produce 100,000 BTUs while a gas heater can only produce 25,000 BTUs. So your preference, in this case, must be the propane heater.

Using a propane heater will cost you more in comparison to using a gas heater, as 1 million BTUs of heat with propane will cost $30 and 1 million BTUs of heat with gas will cost $18.

Gas garage heaters VS electric garage heaters

There is not much difference in between the heat-producing capacity between these two, the choice between these two depends on the type of supply which will be easier for you to get, like if you have an electric connection in your garage then it is good for you to have an electric heater as you not have to look for the supply of gas while on the other hand if you have no electric connection but have gas supply then the gas heater will be more preferable.

The cost for 1 million BTUs of heat with an electric heater will be approx $35 while for the gas it is just $18, so you can also consider this point while choosing between these two.

Propane garage heaters VS electric garage heater

Like we have seen in the above comparison of propane heaters with gas heaters about the noise that a propane heater produces. Now the same noise thing applies here also as propane heaters produce noise because of their fan while on the other hand electric heaters are of silent types. Therefore people who have problems with noise go for the electric ones.

Propane garage heaters produce more heat than electric heaters at the same time but on the other hand, the electric garage heaters are very low maintenance.

If we talk about the cost of operating then you should know that both of them costs almost the same, so you should not give stress on the cost factor while choosing among these two.

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