Kerosene heater has become a great choice for many users. They are safe, easy to handle, and can be used whenever you wish too. Mostly on a tough cold day, you can use them and have great family time. But the major question arises on how to light it up as different models have their perspective. So there are some simple steps that you need to follow. Let us see what they are?

What are the steps for lightning up the kerosene heaters?

The market has bundles of kerosene heaters to offer so it doesn’t matter which one you have. I just want to clear that every heater has different specifications that need to be undertaken. Therefore read the steps to know more.

1.Filling the Tank

Step 1: Go through the manual

It is very important to understand the specifications and what type of kerosene your heater will intake. Mostly the “1 k Kerosene” is used to light up the heater. But there is no such rule. You can use whichever kerosene you want to use. Although the K1 kerosene is the best, it burns clean and is safe for the environment. Also, it can be stored for many years.

Understand the machine type and then proceed with the next steps.

Step 2: Open the cap at the base

Unscrew the cap to remove it. Most of the models have the cap at the base of it. However, for some models, it might be different. The cap is usually connected with a cord to prevent it from losing.

Step 3: Filling the kerosene

There can be two ways to do so. The first is you can directly pour it inside the hole without any tool. However, this is not the one which we usually prefer, but if you are left with no other option then you can use this. But make sure that you need to be very careful.

The second method is to use a pump that comes with a flexible tube which helps to flow the kerosene smoothly. But still, you need to be very careful.

Note: Make sure that you keep an eye on the fuel gauge to prevent it from overfill. Also, do this in a ventilated area to avoid accidents.

Step 4: Wait for an hour

If you are using your kerosene heater for the very first time then hold on as this one for you. You need to wait for at least an hour so that the wick gets completely soaked in kerosene. This is the most important step to be considered. Also, read the manual to know more.

Step 5: Rotate the wick knob right to turn it on

Rotating the wick knob in the clockwise direction will bring it to its ON position. From here you can either use the ignition method or manual method.

2. By Automatic Ignition System

You will observe a small button at the base of the heater. You need to press it till it stops moving. As soon as the fire starts igniting from the wick, release the lever immediately. Make sure that the igniter must be placed at the top of the wick. If it does ignite then the igniter needs your attention.

3. Manual method

this is also working method and quick in time, just follow given below steps

Step 1: Open the heater door

Open the door to light the heater successfully. a small peg handle is assigned for the purpose. Pull it.

Step 2: Lit the match stick

Pull the small peg upside and have a lit matchstick. Take the matchstick closer to the wick. This will catch fire automatically.

Note: be careful. Prevent it from getting further inside the heater. Also, take the longer sized match sticks for the purpose. perform this outdoors or in a ventilated area.

Wrap Up

Burning the kerosene heater will be easy if you follow the steps carefully. Also, make sure that you understand the type of your heater before you start with the steps. You need to understand that different heaters have their specification. Ensure that you implement this in a ventilated area or outdoors and be careful. All these guidelines will make you ready to light the kerosene heaters. That’s all for the article.

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