Sta Rite Pool Heater Won't Stay On

If you’re having trouble getting your Sta-Rite pool heater to stay on, it might be one of a few different things. The best thing to do is assess the issues and apply the appropriate fix. Here is a breakdown of some common problems below.

Sta Rite Pool Heater Won’t Stay On

Fluctuating power supply 

A fluctuating power supply can cause the pool heater not to stay on. Either the heater is not plugged firmly into the power connection, or there needs to be a sufficient voltage supply from the power source.

First, make sure the heater is correctly connected to the power source. Besides, ensure that you have a steady supply of electricity to support the startup and running of your device.

Faulty Thermistor

The thermistor is the most common cause of a pool heater that won’t stay on. It measures the temperature of your water and sends that information to a control board in order to maintain safe levels. When your thermistor malfunctions, it can cause many problems with your pool heater, including:

  • Shutting off early
  • Not turning on at all
  • Displaying high or low temperatures

Ignition Issues

Dirty or clogged parts or a bad sensor usually cause ignition issues. If the heater doesn’t stay on because of ignition issues, it’ll display the E05 error code, which means there is a problem with its ignition.

If you cannot maintain your heater correctly, you can often expect to have this problem. To fix this issue, use sandpaper to clean the igniter. If this fails, replace it with a new one.

Low water flow

Check the water level in the pool before turning on your heating system. If there is not enough water in the pool when you turn on your heater, the startup will fail because of low levels of water inside.

Moreover, this can also cause a pump malfunction due to overworking itself while trying to generate heat from very low temperatures. This means that pump motors have applied high pressure, which results in wear out of their parts.

Clogged filter

Cleaning the filter will remove any debris clogging up its system and causing the heating element to not work correctly.

If you don’t have an automatic cleaning system, you may need to clean or replace your pool filter periodically manually. This can affect how well your heater works and how much energy it uses, so check on this frequently.

Replace the filter with a new one. Avoid using cheap filters, as they are often made from lower-quality materials that aren’t designed for long-term use in harsh conditions.

Faulty safety switches

The safety switches are designed to shut off the heater if the water level is too low. With that said, though, there are two malfunctions of these switches:

  • Stuck in an Open Position
  • Stuck in a Closed Position

If a safety switch is stuck in the open position, it will probably be tripped by debris or something else that’s not supposed to get into your pool or spa. This can damage the safety switch and leave you with a faulty unit that won’t work correctly anymore because it’s constantly being tripped on its own accord.

Incorrect valves settings

If your water heater doesn’t stay on, the problem could be with your valves. To check this factor, close all the valves and see if they will stay lit. If so, you may have an issue with one or more of your valves being stuck in their closed position.

To fix this problem, open the water heater’s valves by turning them counterclockwise until they stop working. Then set them to ON by turning them clockwise until they stop moving again – about another 90 degrees.

Faulty heater transformer

A faulty transformer is the most common cause of a pool heater that won’t stay on. The heater transformer controls the energy of the heater that is supplied. If the transformer doesn’t get any current or power from the source, it restricts the heater’s operation.

Wiring issues

Check for loose connections. If you need help with how to do this, ask a professional or follow the instructions in your owner’s manual. Also, check for damaged wires. Suppose there is any damage to the pool heater’s wiring. In that case, it will need to be replaced by a professional at an electrical supply store or appliance repair shop.

To fix this problem, replace all damaged or frayed wires with new ones that have been appropriately insulated according to code standards set out by state and federal governments.

Leaking canister

You can do a few things to ensure that your heater is not leaking. First, inspect your heater by removing the bottom bolt of the manifold and see if any water comes off. If water leaks from the canister, your heater has come to the end of its journey. You will have to replace your heater with a new one.

Defective control board 

If the pool heater does not stay on, it may be due to a defective control board. The control board is the brain of the heater, and it is responsible for sending power to the heating element and regulating temperature. If your pool heater does not display an error code or does not display any error codes at all, then it may be time for a new control board.

How Do I Reset My Sta-Rite Pool Heater?

First, turn off your pool heater. After waiting 10 minutes, turn the power back on to your pool heater and reset the control board following the manufacturer’s instructions. If this doesn’t work, you’ll need to replace it with a new one that can be purchased at any home improvement store or plumbing supply store.

What Is The Temperature Range On Sta-Rite Heaters?

For the Sta-Rite heater, you can adjust the temperature to anywhere between 68 and 104 degrees. It has a default setting of 78 degrees for your pool and 100 degrees for your spa.


Your pool heater should last for years with proper maintenance and regular use. If you’re having trouble keeping your pool full of warm water, contact a professional to diagnose any problems with your current system.


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