Today almost every house owner does not require a massive heater to fulfill their home requirements. Even a simple heating option like a patio heater could do the job. Is it safe for your indoor needs?

Having a patio heater will always take up a big investment. If it is not safe for your indoor home uses, you won’t obviously be able to use this device for a longer run. You need to check all the aspects before doing this.

You need to have a patio heater that does the job for you so that you can safely use this device for the best needs. It takes up hardly any time to complete the configuration and you can start using the propane heater for your indoor heating needs.

Risks of using an outdoor patio heater indoors

Although using the patio heater should be safe, there are always some health risks involved if you overuse this product. Here are some of the risks that are mentioned below. You can have a look at them to keep yourself safe.

1. Carbon Monoxide

One of the most important things that you need to consider is the option of risking excessive carbon monoxide formation. Patio heaters are run by propane. The simple mechanism of heating allows the procedure of combustion to take place.

This is where the heater starts to generate excessive amounts of carbon monoxide. Consuming such gasses directly could indirectly risk your health. The best way to counter this problem is to opt for proper ventilation.

When to use proper ventilation it will help the heater to create emission outside your home. As a result, you will be able to use the product in the best way. It will not have many effects as well.

2. Overheating

Overheating the room can always be the biggest challenge that you need to think about. The patio heaters are designed to be large space heaters. As a result, it quickly heats up the space that is available to heat.

As a result, the outdoor heaters do take up a lower time to heat up the entire room in the least possible time.

The time taken is almost half of the heater. With the help of such a device, it becomes easier to heat up the entire floor in a small time. It is important to know the space that is available in your room.

Once you calculate the space, make sure to buy a patio heater that has lower or equal capacity but not higher. Be strict about this.

3. Direction

They are prepared for open space heating. This is why the direction for heating the entire space is never fixed at all. Most of the devices that are available can heat up in all directions providing a uniform heating option to the product.

Although it can be a great option for outdoor units, you need to be a bit careful while placing such devices for the indoor uses. If you place such a device against the wall, it will immediately affect the walls.

The walls will get heated instantly and will take up the moisture. This will create dampness on the walls and the entire room will stay warm for a long time. You will have to stay out of this type of propane patio heaters.

4. Timer

Not every propane patio heater you buy is advanced in nature, They are designed to run for long hours, As a result, you will feel comfortable on the patio over the night.

When you run this type of heater for your indoor requirements, the room temperature will vividly increase. It is always important to keep the product safe and also comfortable to use.

Using a remote or a timer option will always be necessary to use. If you have children in your home, you must use remote access and set up short-timers. Avoid overheating the room because the moisture in the room will not be effective for the skin. Use the patio heater for a short span of time to make it a comfortable sleep.

What Types of Patio Heaters Can I Use Indoors?

Using the right type of patio heater for your needs is always important. Even when you use it for your indoor requirement, you have to be specific about the type and also the device that you use.

Here are some types of models that you can easily choose from and give yourself a comfortable sleep all over the night.

1. Electric Patio heaters

Electric Patio heaters are probably the best option that is available today. It comes with the least amount of radiation and also emission.

Electric patio heaters are designed to work with lower emission of harmful gasses. Although there are still some amounts of gasses, the margins are always lower than other models.

2. Infrared models

Another decent type of choice that you can make is to go for the infrared patio heaters. Infrared heating takes place in a slow and effective way. As a result, it does not consume much energy and always becomes safe to use.

This type of heater comes with low emission of NOx which allows you to stay safe with the product. You can also put up controls that will allow you to get slow but steady heating options.

3. Space Heating

Space heaters can be used for both indoor and outdoor requirements. They do come with ventilators that allow you to get the best results in a jiffy. Because of such types of heaters, you will be able to use them at any time.


In a short answer, yes you can use the patio heater for your indoor requirements. There are not too many consequences for using the patio heaters for your indoor needs. It can be used in a closed environment provided you pick up the right patio heater.

Overheating your room could turn out to be dangerous. So remember to stay away from such problems before you get along with any type of problems. It’s important that you purchase a product that ticks up all the safety standards.

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