If you live in an area where it snows frequently and most of the time your driveway is covered with snow. Yes, it seems very beautiful and filmy to ride your vehicle on the roads full of snow and having snow in your driveway but I think you already know the reality if you live in such areas, you have to suffer a lot actually as the snow can cause harm to your vehicle, your health, etc.

The first option for you to resolve this issue is to clear the snow from the driveway daily which is quite hectic as it is not so simple unless someone is very interested in doing so. But eventually, no one wants to do that. But don’t worry every problem has an alternative solution and in this condition, a heated driveway is the best fit, yes there are other options too like purchasing the snow tools. But they too require time and power, which we don’t have.

So going for a heated driveway can be very relaxing for you.

Now you must be thinking what is this driveway with the heating system.

Radiant Heated Driveway | What It Is?

A heated driveway is a type of flooring system which radiates heat to warm the driveway and melt the snow, you can use them both outdoors and indoors, now the question is how this thing works.

How do they work?

There are two types of heating systems that we can use in the driveways and they both work differently.

  1. Electric current heating system
  2. Pipes and pumps inside

We will see how these both work

The first one is an electric current heating system, in this system, the mat of electric wires are laid inside the floors and when the current is made to flow in these wires, it produces heat in them. This system is very effective as it can heat the driveways to 93.33 degrees celsius.

The second type of heating system uses the pipes and pumps inside the floor of the driveway which will trigger the hot water to flow inside the driveway and provide heat to them.

For starting these heating systems you just need to turn them on and they will start doing their work of melting ice.

So I think now you are clear about the working of the heated driveways and their benefits but are they cost-efficient?

Are Heated​ Driveways Worth The Cost?

There are many factors which will affect the cost of installing a heating system in your driveway and the most important one is which type of system you are preferring, did you already have a driveway or you need to build a new one, etc.

A heated driveway costs approx $14 to $24 per square foot if you demolish your old driveway for them, now you can estimate the approximate cost that you will have to spend depending on the area of your driveway.

Initially, the water tubes based driveway heating system is more expensive than the electric one, but its running cost is low as they require less energy in comparison to electrical systems.

How Much Does A Heated Driveway Cost

Since you can see when you estimate the cost of installing heated driveways that how expensive they are as the range lies between $1,300 – $7,500, so a question will arise in your mind that are they worth that much money.

You will be happy to know that they are worthy of this big investment and you will never regret your decision after installing them as they are very time saving and energy saving, you will also not need any labor to remove snow from your driveway as the heating system will automatically melt the snow after starting them.

They are very beneficial to you and these benefits will cover up their installation cost.

So now let’s see the benefits of having driveways with heating systems


  • The most basic benefit of a heated driveway is that it prevents the snow from accommodating in the driveway by melting and thus you will not have to use deicers on the driveway and this will prevent the salt corrosion of the vehicles carriages.
  • Using heating systems in your driveway will increase the life of the driveway as you will not have to use different tools on the driveways to remove snow from your way and as they do not use deicers, they also prevent the burning of the grass, plants near them.
  • They are very easy to maintain and you can control them by just using a switch from inside your house, you will not have to pay for anything unlike you do for removing the snow from your driveway daily with the snow tools or paying someone to do that.
  • The snow on the driveways causes damage to your vehicles and also harmful to your health, this automatic technique will reduce these damages and health issues by melting down the snow easily.


Are Heated​ Driveways Worth The Cost, definitely worth it, so people who are confused about Should they install a heating system in my driveway? there answer is YES, if you are ready to invest such a good amount then go for it, it is worth that big investment.

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