There are varieties of everything in the market, yes it is a good thing as we get many options but these varieties can also confuse us while choosing the perfect thing for ourselves.

Don’t worry but we are for that only, to guide you in the best possible way we can and to help you choose the ideal option for yourself, this article will help you to choose between Infrared heaters and blue flame heaters, it is a tough choice as both of them are good in their ways.

You just need to finalize the one according to your requirements.

First before comparing these two types of heaters first let’s know about them, to make the comparison easier for you as I think it will become clear for you to choose the best one if you will have the perfect knowledge about them.

The infrared and blue flame heaters are ventless type heaters and are widely available in the market because of their benefits, they both can run on propane and natural gas and both are also portable and efficient.

Infrared heaters

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The main point to keep in mind about infrared heaters is that they provide heat directly to the objects as they have the properties of electromagnetic radiation.

To make this point even more clear to you the infrared heaters directly heat the physical objects present near them other than heating the air of the environment, this property of directly heating the physical objects make them work very well even when the room or the place where you are using them is not insulated properly.

These heaters are mostly used in this case and are an excellent option if you do not have a fully insulated room, the cost of installing an infrared heater is less as they only heat the small space other than the whole room.

One more plus point of an infrared is that they can provide you heat in a short time as they do not take extra time to heat the air of the room. The infrared heaters also do not dry up the air of its surrounding which is a good thing.

Apart from these advantages of having an infrared heater, there are some demerits also which include that they sometimes can burn up anything placed near them also, this can be very harmful when people do not lay stress on this thing, to avoid this to happen best solution is to keep everything that can burn easily away from the infrared heaters.

Blue Flame heaters

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Blue flame heaters are a type of ventless heaters which means they do not have a vent for exhaust gases. These types of heaters can run on propane or natural gas, it depends on your choice which fuel you want to use in your blue flame heater.

A blue flame heater heats the air of the place where they are running, they heat the walls of the room first and then moves towards the ceilings and then the entire room, now you can think that these types of heaters work best in an insulated area and will not be suitable for the open ones, they will take more time in providing you heat as in the beginning they focus on mainly on heating the space and when the whole space heats, then they will provide you heat, they can perform even better when you use them with a ceiling fan as it will help them to circulate the heat in the whole room evenly.

The blue flame heaters are very safe as they do not have the risk of burning up anything near them.

Now that you know about both types of heaters let’s look at the similarities between these two.

Similarities between infrared and blue flame heaters

  • Both types of heaters are ventless.
  • Both can use propane or natural gas as their fuels.
  • Both infrared and blue flame heaters contain oxygen depletion sensors(ODS), the oxygen depletion sensors shut the heater down when it reaches a particular unsafe level that is not good for you.
  • Both will heat the space for some time after a power outage.


Both of the heaters are excellent in their works but it depends on the type of requirement you have. The infrared heaters also work well for the places which have no insulation at all such as garages, halls, etc, they also can be good for the places having insulation as they directly provide heat to the objects near it, while on the other hand blue flame heaters are best for the close spaces such as close rooms but not for the non-insulated places as they will take more fuel and power to heat them.

They differ in time in which they are capable of warming you up, generally, an infrared heater will provide you heat more quickly while a blue flame heater takes some more time as they have to heat the air first before the objects.

A blue flame heater does not have a risk of burning anything near them but an infrared heater can burn the flammable objects near it, thus a blue flame heater is safer to use, especially when you have children at your home.

You should use an infrared heater very carefully while keeping in mind its surroundings also.

The infrared heaters do not dry up the air inside a room while a blue flame heater will do so, now the choice is yours which one to prefer.

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