Can I Use My Rv Propane Tank For A Camp Stove?

I love RV camping, but the one thing that always bothers me must use my propane tanks for cooking. I dread when one of my tanks runs out because it always seems like there’s no way for me to refill them or get more until I’m back home. This got me thinking: Can I use my RV propane tank for a camp stove instead? Is this even safe?

Can I Use My RV Propane Tank For A Camp Stove?

Yes, you can use an RV propane tank for a camp stove. However, it is important to be careful when using your RV propane tank with a camping stove. Your RV propane tanks will be under pressure and could explode if not handled correctly.

It is also important to make sure that you have the right adapter for your camping stove before purchasing an adapter or connecting your camping stove with the open end of an RV propane tank. Some stoves come with adaptors included in their packaging, but if they do not, then there are many options on Amazon or eBay that can be easily purchased online and shipped to your door.

Theoretically, Any Camping Stove Can Be Used With An RV Propane Tank. however, it may be hard to find an adapter that will fit because most stoves require specific adapters which can only be purchased from certain companies who specialize in making specialty adapters for RVs and Camping Equipment.

How Do You Use An RV Propane Tank For A Camp Stove?

The first thing you’ll need to do is screw the regulator onto the valve of your propane tank. Then, turn on your stove and set it to medium heat. If you’re using an electric camp stove, plug it in and turn it on as well.

Next, make sure your valve hose is connected to your propane tank and that there are no kinks or bends in the hose that could restrict gas flow from reaching your stove (you may want to use pliers to straighten any kinks).

Your regulator should have a scale for adjusting how much gas comes out of the tank so that you can control how much heat reaches your camp stove. Turn this knob until it’s set. Once everything is connected properly, light up!

Pros of Using RV Propane Tanks for Camping Stoves

  • Easier to carry around. The convenience of being able to take a propane tank with you is huge. You can use that same tank for cooking as well as heating your tent, showering and cleaning dishes.
  • Not limited to a single stove or lantern. If your camping stove isn’t compatible with propane tanks, this is not an issue because you can use any RV propane tank that fits the bill!
  • Less expensive than buying multiple gas tanks for different purposes. This will save you time from having to pack up all those extra tanks when heading home after camping or hiking, too!

Cons of Using RV Propane Tanks for Camping Stoves

There are a few drawbacks to using RV propane tanks for camping stoves.

  • You need to carry a fair amount of propane with you, which can add up over time and be quite heavy if your RV is already full of other supplies. As well as the tank itself, you’ll also need to carry bottles so that you can refill them at gas stations or anywhere else that sells propane.
  • Some camp stoves aren’t compatible with the larger size of RV tanks and won’t work through them properly. This means that some of your favorite cooking devices may not work when using an RV propane tank as well as they do when using small portable ones!
  • If a leak happens at home or in transit, there could be serious consequences: it could cause serious damage or injure/kill someone nearby who isn’t aware of what’s happening until it’s too late.

Can You Connect a Camping Stove to a Propane Tank?

If you have an RV, then it’s possible to use your propane tank for camping. You can use a special adapter that connects to the propane tank and then connects to the camp stove. This means that you don’t need to buy more gas; all of your fuel will come from the same source.

You can also use your RV tank for cooking, or heating water for coffee or tea. If this sounds appealing, check with a local RV supply company about what adapters are available in your area and how much they cost.

Can I Hook up a 20 LB Propane Tank to a Coleman Stove?

Yes, you can hook up your 20 lb propane tank to a Coleman stove. The first step is to figure out if the stove you want to use is compatible with the type of propane tank you have. Some stoves can only run off a certain type of fuel, so you’ll need to look at its specifications before buying it.

If the stove you want has a regulator attached, that means it’s ready for use with any size of a propane tank—but if it doesn’t come with one, then you’ll have to buy one separately and attach it yourself before using your stove.

Once this is done, attach the regulator hose from your 20 lb propane tank directly to the valve on top of your Coleman stove (make sure both ends are securely fastened). You should now be able to turn on your burner with no trouble.

Is an RV Propane Tank High or Low Pressure?

Not all propane tanks are created equal. Propane tanks used for residential purposes, like RV and camping supplies, are typically low-pressure tanks. These are much smaller than commercial-grade high-pressure propane tanks and require a special type of regulator attached to the tank (called an ‘LP’ or ‘low pressure’ regulator) in order to safely dispense fuel into a stove or heater.

The LP regulator connects directly to your appliance and allows you to control how much fuel it uses based on your needs while on the road or in camp.

Do RV Propane Tanks Switch Automatically?

Yes, they do. You can buy an automatic transfer switch or a manual one. The automatic switch will turn on the propane tank automatically. You’ll have to use a manual one if you want to manually turn it off and on yourself.

How Do You Adjust the Pressure on an RV Propane Tank?

You can adjust the pressure on an RV propane tank by turning the valve.

The gas tank should be at a pressure of about 50-60 pounds per square inch (PSI) for the best results. They commonly referred this to as “low” or “LP”. If you have a high-pressure barbecue grill or some other outdoor equipment that requires a lot of propane, then you will want to adjust it higher so it doesn’t run out too quickly and leave food uncooked.

This is known as “high” or “HP”; most RVs come with this setting already set up for use with their own appliances. You can also find charts online that show what PSI settings are best for various uses such as cooking, heating water and even starting charcoal grills.


As you can see, it is possible to use your RV propane tank for a camp stove. However, there are some things to consider before you do this so that you don’t run into any problems later on down the road. Once these things are in place, then you are good to go.

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