OPD Valves

On the outside of the cylinder there is a gadget called the OPD, the overfill prevention gadget. Inside the tank is this gadget that acts as a float. It floats to the top when the tank has reached maximum capacity. 

The propane distributor has a mathematical formula that is utilized to establish that the tank is full. The container knows that the tank is full when a white mist is transmitted out of a small opening on the OPD valves. 

The overfilling prevention gadget has upset and greatly increases the safety of utilizing propane cylinders at home or in a business. The gadget actually stops the filling cycle when propane tanks are about 80 percent full. 

This is important because it leaves sufficient space in the tank to allow for the expansion and contraction of fuel when the tanks are presented to different temperatures.


  • The OPD valves were first introduced on October 1, 1998
  • It is designed to prevent cylinder overfilling.
  • OPD valves help in stopping the flow of gas.
  • This device is beneficial in leaks.
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New 20 lb Steel Propane/LP Cylinder with OPD Valve
New steel 20 lb capacity propane / LP tank; OPD valve; Shot-blasted and powder coated for durability
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Rotarex 40 lb. LP OPD Valve with 7.0 Dip Tube - Propane - Grill - Cooking - Heating - Camping
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Flame King YSN40HOG 40 LB Pound Horizontal & Vertical Propane Cylinder Type 1 OPD Valve, White
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Cavagna 82.8017 Valve 20# Opd With 4.0" Dip Tube
20# OPD Valve with 4.0" Diptube
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Flame King MT301 Mr. Tank 30 LB Pound Steel Propane Cylinder with Type 1 OPD Valve, White
NOTE: The propane tank is empty and ready to be filled with gas
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OPD Propane Tank Valve Removal Tool
Fits over hand wheel for removal; Breaker bar required for tool, not inlcuded

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