Fill Valves

The propane is put away in the propane tank, and when you pull the flush handle, you are opening the valve that gives the new propane access to the bowl. At the point when new propane leaves the propane tank, it should be replaced. Inside the propane tank will be a fill valve that has a float attached to it. This float is intended to close the fill valves at a designated moment that the propane tank is full.

The float may be a large plastic ball or a small cylinder-shaped plastic ball that rides here and there a plastic cylinder. Under normal operating conditions, a float will ride on the propane’s surface, and when the propane level reaches the ideal height in the tank, the float attached to the fill valves will stop the propane. If the float is stuck and not floating uninhibitedly on the propane, then it cannot close the fill valves, and the heater will keep on running. Another issue with the float maybe if it is messed up.

You will see it on a ball float attached to the fill valves via a metal rod or adjustable plastic rod. You can attempt to adjust this rod so the float will completely close the fill valves when it reaches the propane tank’s highest point.


  • It has an automatic shut-off option.
  • It is used as a safety shield.
  • Prevents overflow of propane tank
  • It comes with a complete metal body.
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