Every propane gas heater may face pressure problems. Sometimes it may be a bit high while it may be low at most locations. To regulate this propane pressure at a stipulated level, you need high and low pressure regulators.

Low-pressure regulators are basically used when you require lowering down pressure less than 300 psi.

Coming to gas hoses, adjustable pressure comes with a restrictor and sensor, when propane pressure is extremely high, regulators control the flow of propane.

Key Benefits of using a regulator

  1. High-pressure regulators can control 0- 60 psi
  2. Low-pressure regulators can control 60-300 psi

Both manually adjustable and automatic

Types of Regulators

  • Adjustable Regulators
  • Automatic Regulators
  • BBQ Regulators
  • First Stage Regulators
  • Integral Regulators
  • Regulators w/Hoses
  • Single Stage Regulators
  • Second Stage Regulators
  • Accessories for Regulators

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