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10 Best Gas Pool Heaters (Natural Gas and Propane) | Review & Buying Guide

Swimming outdoors can be so much fun. You may even want to have a sunbath in the winter. However, the water temperature is restricting you from doing so. Possible help from a pool heater could do the needful for you. Either you are using a personal pool or a commercial pool, having a pool heater always makes it comfortable to swim and to use. And, you’ve come to the right place if you are looking for the best pool heaters 2020.

Types of Pool Heater to choose

There are three major types of heaters that you can choose from and they are mentioned below:

1. Solar pool heaters

Solar pool heaters are great if you live in a area where sun rays are available. They are generally expensive for the upfront costs, but on the longer run, this type of heater can save you a lot.

2. Propane and Natural Gas pool heaters

Propane heaters are the most affordable option to purchase. They perform combustion and this may involve NOx emission. However, they are high in efficiency ratings and the daily running costs are thus low.

3. Pool heat pumps

If the temperature outside is constant above 40 degrees Fahrenheit, choosing heat pumps could be the most formidable option. On the flip side they are less efficient in colder climate.

Each type of pool heaters has its mechanism. Some of them are energy efficient while some are low in electricity consumption. You can choose the right one according to the type and the requirements that you have.

Best Pool Heaters Of 2020: At A Glance List

Best Solar Pool Heater

NameBest ForRatingWeight
Intex Solar Heater MatAbove ground Pools92%5.3 Pounds
SmartPool S601P SunHeaterIn-ground pool90%29 Pounds

Best Natural Gas Pool Heaters

NameBest ForRatingWeight
Hayward H150FDNLow Emission90%110 Pounds
Hayward H400FDNHigh Performance88%197 Pounds
Pentair 460792Low Budget87%128 Pounds
Sta-Rite SR333NASmall Pool85%132 Pounds
Raypak Pool HeaterSmart Controls83%230 Pounds
Hayward W3H250FDNComfort80%171 Pounds

Best Electric Pool Heater

NameBest ForRatingWeight
FibroPool FH120Above Ground86%74 Pounds
Beacon Pet Pool HeaterOutdoor Pool82%0.085 Ounces

Best Solar Pool Heater Review

1. Intex Solar Heater Mat for Above Ground Swimming Pool

Product Specs

Product Dimensions:   47.3 x 47.3 x 0.5 inches
Item Weight: 5.3 pounds
Manufacturer:  Intex Recreation Corp
Warranty: 1 Year

Best For

This can be a great choice for above ground pools.

The Intex Solar Heater Mat is a formidable mattress to choose that uses eco-friendly technology and makes it more comfortable to use. Moreover, this product also has simple and efficient heating that operates without any power.

So, let’s start this

This solar panel heater comes with an eco-friendly heating technology that is great to perform. This technology is immensely built and because of it, there is no pollution at all. As a part of solar technology, the heater can raise the water temperature instantly by a major difference of 3 to 5 degrees. However, this change completely depends on weather conditions. To be precise, it takes over 2 minutes to start increasing the temperatures and makes it comfortable to carry as well.

There’s more

  • The Intex Solar Heater Mat is easy to set up and to install. It comes with easy fittings. You can simply place the mat on the ground and the portable pool on top of the mat. The water insider starts heating once you turn this on.
  • This mat is compatible with most of the filter pumps. As a result, the installation becomes quick and fast. For the best results, you can easily hook up the device to a filter pump or a 1/2 hp pump. Adding a flow rate of 2500 gallons per hour could be an ideal choice.
  • Coming to the capacity of the Intex Solar Heater Mat, this seems to be impressive as well. This product comes with wide dimensions around 47 inches x 47 inches which is great for any pool. Because of this, it is suitable for pools up to 8000 gallons. It is a great product to choose and to use as well.
  • The one feature that impressed us the most is the option of having a 0.5m hose. With the help of the hose, you can directly fill in cold water and the bypass valve comes to help to stop the heater in case it is over-warm in nature.

The only concern

Although the Intex Solar Heater Mat comes with easy controls and usage, it is also dynamic in size. As a result, it is mandatory that you take the help of a professional to install the product. However, the good thing is that even if you do the installation alone, it won’t affect the warranty.

In short

The Intex Solar Heater Mat is an ideal purchase if you are looking for a device that comes with a simple and easy to use mechanism. To be fair, it has all the approved points for being a solar panel heater for the pool.

My Rating: 92%


  • This product comes with easy installation
  • The dimensions can fill up a whole pool
  • It comes with multiple hose attachments


  • The price is a bit higher than others
Intex Solar Heater Mat for Above Ground Swimming Pool, 47in X 47in
  • Eco-friendly solar technology increases temperature of the pool water by...
  • Simple hook up, compatible with filter pump up to 1/2 hp or pump flow rate...
  • Suitable for above ground pools up to 8000 gal (30,280L). 1m sq (11ft sq)...
  • 1 ¼” (32mm) hose attachment points, includes 1 adaptor A and 1 adaptor B...
  • Includes: 0.5m (1 1/4" / 32mm diameter) connecting hose. Bypass valve....

2. SmartPool S601P SunHeater Solar Heating System

Product Specs

Product Dimensions:  48 x 1 x 240 inches
Item Weight: 29 pounds
Manufacturer: Esse Sales Inc
Warranty: 1 Year

Best For

This product can be a great choice for an in-ground swimming pool.

When it comes to the professional performance, nothing can be better than that of the SmartPool S601P SunHeater Solar Heating System. This device is exceptional when it comes to quick heating and bigger space needed.

First Off

The SmartPool S601P comes with a simple polypropylene heat collector that will help you to get faster heating to the pool. To integrate the heating system, this device comes with multiple heating tubes. But the most impressive part is that there are separate header holes for each of the heating tubes. Individually, the panel array measures 20 feet x 4 feet in dimensions. Because of this, you can expect this product to be a higher level in terms of productivity as well as capacity.

There’s more to know

  • This product features an internal baffle. This baffle is responsible for providing the water to pass through both sides of the collector. It can also increase the heating potential of the product.
  • You can get threaded headers from all sides of the product. As a result, it will be better to give you a decent flexibility. Even if you install the SmartPool S601P on the roof or the ground, it remains intact.
  • To help you with the installation, you can get a mounting channel with the pool heater. This product can be an ideal choice for the sunroof mounting. You can also mount it vertically on a fence.
  • The one feature that impressed us is the fed collector tubes present. They ensure superior water flow which can get great for draining. If there is cold water, you can immediately drain the water out.


This device can entirely cover up a large area of 80 square feet. Because of this large coverage area, installing this item for smaller pools could be a tough challenge. It would be better to measure the size of the pool before buying first.

Summing Up

The SmartPool S601P SunHeater Solar Heating System is a great product to have if you wish to reduce the costs of electricity and still want to heat up an entire pool. It has a sufficient capacity for quickly heating up the pool.

My Rating: 90%


  • The product is basically light in weight
  • Includes polypropylene heat collector
  • Comes with a Direct Flow System


  • Requires big space for installation
Smart Pool S601 Pool Solar Heaters, Pack of 1, Black
  • Keep your pool warm with a polypropylene heat collector. Direct Flow System...
  • Solar heater features 80 square feet of solar panels
  • Pool accessory is perfect for heating any in-ground swimming pool
  • Panel array measures 4 feet wide x 20 feet long. Raises Pool Water...
  • Installation kit required (Sold Separately)

Best Natural Gas Pool Heaters Review

1. Hayward H150FDN Universal H-Series Heater

Product Specs

Item Weight: 110 pounds
Manufacturer: Hayward
Warranty: 1 Year

Best For

It is a great choice for people looking for low emissions.

The Hayward H150FDN Universal H-Series Heater is a highly impressive heater that comes with advanced technology as well as fits universally. You can connect the heater to any hose of your choice and still get fine results. However, it comes with an improved design from all the previous models of this brand. The innovation lies in the modern low-profile design and it is relatively light in weight as well. To fix up the plumbing connections, this product has 2 x 2.5-inch CPVC plumbing.

More to come

  • This product features a Cupro-Nickel heat exchanger. The heat exchanger is well developed and always gives a great response to the entire pool. It takes very little time to heat up the pool.
  • Adding to the features, the Hayward H150FDN Universal H-Series Heater sports bypass valve design. Not only does it keep the heater in check, but it also creates a hydraulic efficiency for the pool.
  • Coming to the material of construction, this heater includes a patented polymer header. The benefit of having such a header is that it allows you to keep the water warm for a very long time.
  • The most impressive option of having the Hayward H150FDN Universal H-Series Heater is the versatile design. It comes with a quick fitting hose so that installation can be completed in just a few steps.


The Hayward H150FDN Universal H-Series Heater includes a high performance when it comes to the internal specifications. However, the one thing that we did not like is the over use of silicon Nitride with the heater.

Final View

The Hayward H150FDN Universal H-Series Heater can be a great choice for the environment-friendly conditions. Compared to the other products, this pool heater has the least NOx emission. So it can be very safe for kids as well.

My Rating: 90%


  • Includes nickel heat exchanger
  • Hayward Universal design
  • Patented polymer header


  • The price is a bit high
Hayward H150FDN Universal H-Series 150,000 BTU Pool and Spa Heater, Natural Gas, Low Nox
  • Standard Cupro nickel heat exchanger for superior value and reliability
  • Patented polymer header and bypass valve design for the ultimate in...
  • Hayward Universal design for easy and versatile professional installation
  • Environmentally responsible low NOx emissions to meet or exceed air quality...

2. Hayward H400FDN Universal H-Series Heater

Product Specs

Item Weight: 197 pounds
Manufacturer: Hayward
Warranty:  1 Year

Best For

It can be a great choice if you are looking for a high-performance heater.

The Hayward H400FDN Universal H-Series Heater outperforms almost every hater when it comes to the capacity. Of Course with such high coverage from the heater, you would want this product to be massive.

On the go

The support from the high-performance heat exchanger will allow you to get better results when it comes to heat up the entire pool. Of Course with the help of a Nickel material, the heat exchanger does well and also has the ability to perform longer. Moreover, the one feature that impressed everyone is the low NOx emission on top of the performance.

A little more

  • The Hayward H400FDN Universal H-Series Heater comes with an energy efficiency mechanism. It features a hydraulic design that reduces the circulation pump run time. It can easily save more than 18% of the energy.
  • This product comes along with a unique standard design concept. This design entity is solely based on the modern trend which makes this product a nice buy. You can always try to choose the product for a professional design.
  • One of the most important features for using the Hayward H400FDN is the polymer header it comes with. Because of the header, this heater can maintain a proper temperature of the water while it is flowing in.
  • The one thing that impressed us the most is the option of having a highly durable interior part of the product. You can expect this to provide you with proper lifespan and you will be able to run the heater for at least 10-12 years.

But you need to know

The Hayward H400FDN Universal H-Series Heater is dynamic in nature and can be a good support for heating up the pool. However, because of this dynamic performance, it is also relatively heavier than others. Precisely it weighs around 197 pounds which can make this heater difficult to carry. Installing this on your own could be a daunting task.

Wrap Up

The Hayward H400FDN Universal H-Series Heater can be a great choice in terms of high performance. This heater supports around 400000 BTU which is great for a massive pool. Thus, for commercial use, the versatile heater can be a great choice going forward.

My Rating: 88%


  • Setup takes less time
  • It has a low-profile design
  • The product has decent materials


  • It is a bit heavy
Hayward H400FDN Universal H-Series 400,000 BTU Pool and Spa Heater, Natural Gas, Low Nox
  • Standard Cupro nickel heat exchanger for superior value and reliability
  • Patented polymer header and bypass valve design for the ultimate in...
  • Hayward Universal design for easy and versatile professional installation
  • Environmentally responsible low NOx emissions to meet or exceed air quality...

3. Pentair 460792 Stainless Steel Natural 175-BTU Heater

Product Specs

Product Dimensions:  36 x 25 x 30 inches
Item Weight: 128 pounds
Manufacturer: Pentair
Warranty: 1 Year

Best For

This product is a definite purchase if budget is a concern for you.

The Pentair 460792 gives you almost everything that you would be looking for in a decent heater. Added on with this, the low budget of the product could be huge factors for everyone to purchase. Ofcourse, it comes along with so many features that will make you go all in for this device.

First of all

The Pentair 460792 is a compact and small device that fits in any corner of the outdoor pool. Since it is light in weight, you can easily carry the Pentair 460792 from one place to another. So using the heater for your outdoor pool or indoor pool will never be a big problem. Coming to the dimension of this product, it features around 35 x 25 x 30 inches which makes the heater an easy storage. Installing the Pentair 460792 could be done in a jiffy and is never a problem.

What more

Although the Pentair 460792 comes with175 BTU operating mechanism the heating element is highly durable. More than this, it has nickel material which will allow you to heat up the entire unit in just a few minutes depending on the size.

Coming to the energy efficiency, the Pentair 460792 uses all natural gas. Apart from this, it passes out a number of certifications according to the pollution tests. Thus, you can rely on the low emission by the product featuring a great response.

The one thing that we all liked about the Pentair 460792 is the option of having multiple hose connectors. It allows us to place the headers in different directions of the pool. Of Course this will help you to keep the water warm for a long time.

Before you go

A lot of people may fancy the Pentair 460792 to be a great choice for their first purchase, It is indeed decent, but can only perform for a limited quantity of water. Most importantly, it only performs with 175000 BTUs. So you can’t expect the water to heat up in a second. It will take some time.

Bottom Line

The Pentair 460792 is a great product if you are looking for a heater that is economical in budget. The features and the performance will not be a major factor with the things that you get with the Pentair 460792. This product comes with decent inbuilt materials as well.

My Rating: 87%


  • Heats up fast
  • Low NOx emission
  • Efficiency is high


  • Only for small pools
Pentair 460792 Stainless Steel MasterTemp Grey/Almond Heater 0-2999 Altitude, Natural 175-BTU
  • Heats up fast so no long waits before enjoying your pool or spa
  • Best-in-class energy efficiency
  • Manual gas shut-off when service is required
  • MasterTemp is certified for low NOx emission and outperforms industry...

4. Sta-Rite SR333NA Max-E-Therm Pool Spa Heater

Product Specs

Product Dimensions: 33 x 34 x 28 inches
Item Weight: 132 pounds
Manufacturer: Sta-Rite
Warranty: 1 Year

Best For

This product is best suited for single pools with a small area.

The Sta-Rite SR333NA Max-E-Therm Pool Spa Heater is a great device to choose from in terms of both budget and requirements. You wouldn’t be expecting it to outperform and heat up the big pool. However, it is quite handy to use when things come to small pool needs.

Let’s get started

The Sta-Rite SR333NA Max-E-Therm Pool Spa Heater roughly weighs around 130 pounds in overall weight. That’s almost half of the high performing pool heaters. Ofcourse, this addresses a big advantage for the heater as you can easily lift it and place it in another position. Coming to the dimensions, they are exactly 33 x 34 x 28 inches. Because of this, you can always expect to store the heater under the table if you have a long hose. Configuring and installing the device won’t be a bigger challenge as well.

There’s more to come

This product features a high-efficiency rating. It comes with natural gas as fuel and performs combustion. As a result, the efficiency is always high. However, while comparing with other products, it seems to serve you more than 80% of efficiency rating. This is the highest in terms of the class.

Another important feature is the durable body built of the product. It comes with a rustproof housing sleek. The overall matte black finish is great and you can expect the product to be coming with a Dura-Glass element. So, it is always well-built in nature.

Wait for a while

We all know that the capacity of this device is not the best in terms of what we have listed above. However, the one thing that did not impress me at all is the lack of any type of thermostat present. To install an external thermostat, you may have to wait for a professional.

In a nutshell

The Sta-Rite SR333NA Max-E-Therm Pool Spa Heater can be a great choice for a slim and a compact device to choose for your heating requirements. Although most of the people do use this product for a small pool, it can also be used for spa requirements as well.

My Rating: 85%


  • Rustproof Housing Sleek
  • Matte black enclosure
  • Made of Dura-Glass


  • Capacity is low
Sta-Rite SR333NA Max-E-Therm Pool And Spa Heater, Natural Gas, 333,000 BTU
  • Lightweight - Lightest heater in its class
  • Compact Design - Ideal for retro-fit installation
  • Lower Operating Costs - 84% efficiency rating - rated 1st in its class for...
  • Rustproof Housing Sleek, matte black enclosure is made of Dura-Glass - an...

5. Raypak 336,000 BTU Digital Natural Gas Pool Heater

Product Specs

Item Weight: 230 pounds
Manufacturer: Raypak
Warranty: 1 Year

Best For

It can be a great choice for smart and easy controls.

The Raypak 336,000 BTU Digital Natural Gas Pool Heater is one such device that will make you go crazy for it. Bar the price, the features that you can get with this product from Raypak are one of a kind and will certainly make you enhance the heater more.

Check it out

Right from the time this heater was launched, most of the professionals from the industry came over to pick this model as a top choice for smart work. Ofcourse, this product looks splendid. It has a slim design body which is attractive to keep open. Now, you won’t have to worry about dirt and dust sticking to the heater. It comes with a special Polytuff powder coating. Now this is unique because of the impressive polyester coating material that is being used. It keeps the body safe from any type of corrosion.

The next

  • This heater from Raypak comes with an inbuilt thermostat which is a major upgrade from most of the other models. You can use the thermostat to change the temperature settings and use them accordingly.
  • This product comes with an innovative LCD display. Not many pool heaters come with such features, but the display here will give you a good option to view the current temperature settings, the timer, and also if any changes you are making.
  • One of the most important features of this device is the option to have electric ignition. Although this product comes with natural gas as a fuel, it has electronic ignition to run. So, heating up the entire pool should be done in just a few minutes.

Reasons to think about

Overall, the Raypak 336,000 BTU Digital Natural Gas Pool Heater is a smart and a classic device. However, the overheating problems are a constant annoying factor. Most of the models from the manufacturer almost have the same problem. This is why keeping the remote in your hand is always an important factor.

But the truth

The Raypak 336,000 BTU Digital Natural Gas Pool Heater is a great potential device for you to choose. Moreover, the smart controls and accessories that you will get with this heater will certainly make the day better for you.

My Rating: 83%


  • LCD Digital Display
  • Electronic Ignition
  • Remote Compatible


  • May overheat at times
Raypak 336,000 BTU Digital Electronic Ignition Natural Gas Pool Heater
  • LCD digital display provides accurate temperature
  • Monitors operational status as well as service diagnostics
  • High-wind resistance
  • Corrosion-resistant headers
  • Unitherm governor prevents condensation

6. Hayward W3H250FDN 250,000 BTU Heater

Product Specs

Product Dimensions: 31.3 x 30.8 x 28.6 inches
Item Weight: 170.9 pounds
Manufacturer: Hayward
Warranty: 1 Year

Best For

For long-lasting comfort, the Hayward W3H250FDN can be a great choice to make.

The Hayward W3H250FDN includes an industry leading design that is updated for 2020 requirements. For this device, you can get almost everything that you were looking forward to having in a professional heater. It serves you with all the essentials as well.

Going through

The most desirable thing that we liked about the Hayward W3H250FDN is the internal materials that are being built. All of them are industry tested and are ready to serve you for a long period of time. However, the one thing that we all liked about this product is the option of having a Cupro nickel heat exchanger With the help of this exchanger, the device can protect itself from corrosion forming. Also a premature failure test is kept upto the mark. Even if you have hard water in the locality, it will not affect the heater as much.

Thumbs up

  • The major reason to pick up the Hayward W3H250FDN is the high-efficiency heating performance. It includes the super hydraulic mechanism that will allow the heater to perform well under any circumstances. Because of this, you can expect the heater to give constant reliability for daily work.
  • Another impressive thing is the combustion system. It uses complete natural gas that results in combustion. You can always expect the Hayward W3H250FDN to provide you with fast heating because of the combustion. However, the levels of NOx emission is also low.
  • Apart from these features, another thing that impressed us is the option of a smart LED screen. Not only can you use the screen to record the current temperature and the settings, but you can also change them as well. It has a digital control panel with a screen.

Wait a sec

The Hayward W3H250FDN has a constant operation around 250000 BTU per hour. Even if you keep the heater running at the lowest settings, it will always consume similar wattage. The maintenance is low. However the initial costs and the electricity consumption could have been lower as well.

To Sum Up

The Hayward W3H250FDN has all checks complete when you look for a professional pool heater. It has easy controls and also a front panel access that gives you a major help to alter the settings. Moreover, this product comes with low service and maintenance. This is why the daily running costs are in a check.

My Rating: 80%


  • Superior Hydraulic Performance
  • Easy to use
  • Comes with Good internal parts


  • The price is a bit high
Hayward W3H250FDN Universal H-Series 250,000 BTU Pool and Spa Heater, Natural Gas
  • The Hayward Universal H-Series 250,000 BTU Natural Gas Heater delivers...
  • A durable cupro nickel heat exchanger offers exceptional protection against...
  • Industry-leading hydraulic design reduces circulation pump run time to...
  • Front-panel-only access and intuitive control pad provide easy operation,...
  • Low NOx emissions meet air quality standards in all low-NOx areas, ensuring...

Best Pool Heat Pumps Review

1. FibroPool FH120 Swimming Pool Heat Pump

Product Specs

Package Dimensions:  25 x 20 x 10 inches
Item Weight: 73.8 pounds
Manufacturer: FibroPool
Warranty:  1 Year

Best For

It’s great for above ground swimming pool.

The FibroPool FH120 is a fancy device that everyone would like to have. It comprises every feature that one can look for in an exceptional heater. Of course, you would love to use the heater for multiple reasons, but the high capacity is great for an above-ground swimming pool.

Reviewing it

This device from FibroPool outclasses every other heat pump. Not only it comes with the most impressive features, but this product has an enamel-coated steel chassis. Because of this, it becomes safe to keep the heater outside for all weather conditions. Even in the hazy rainy seasons you won’t have to worry much because it has rust coating. Moreover, the slim profile has a measurement of 16 x 34 x 24 inches. Thus, placing this heater at a corner of the outdoor swimming pool will never be a big challenge.

Reasons to buy

  • Coming to the specialized feature of the FibroPool FH120, the first thing that helped me the most is the option of the digital control panel. The FH series models from the manufacturer all come with a large number of placement configurations. Changing them was easy.
  • Another impressive feature is the smooth flow of electricity within the heater. Because of this, you can expect the heater to deliver you high efficiency and also keep it environment friendly. There is no combustion and thus no emission at all.
  • The FibroPool FH120 works according to the outdoor temperatures. This is an added feature for choosing this heat pump as it tends to keep the water warm. This product can sense the required temperature and heat the water accordingly.
  • The product features quick installation. It comes with a pre-assembled state. So installing the unit will not take much time at all. In fact, if you just call out the professionals, it will be done in under 30 minutes.

Hold on there

The FibroPool FH120 is individually a good device to choose. However, the constant humming sound is a regular problem for the heater. We faced such problems right from day 1 and this did not go even after 1-2 maintenance services from the manufacturer.

Wrap Up

The FibroPool FH120 is a great product to buy if you are looking for a heat pump. It saves a lot of electricity and also comes with a high energy efficiency rating. Even if it is electric, this product can save you a lot because of the low running costs.

My Rating: 86%


  • Power Indicator Light
  • Widely Application
  • Easy to use


  • Price is high
FibroPool FH120 Above Ground Swimming Pool Heat Pump
  • 120 Volt, 60Hz, 10A draw
  • Built in 8 foot long power cable with standard USA plug
  • Suitable for pools up to 7500 gallons in coastal climates
  • Plug into an GFCI protected outlet

2. Beacon Pet Pool Heater Thermostat Heater Pump

Product Specs

Dimensions: 11.81 x 6.69 x 6.3 inches
Item Weight: 0.085 ounces
Manufacturer:  Beacon Pet
Warranty: 1 Year

Best For

It is a great swimming pool pump heater for outdoor use.

The Beacon Pet Pool Heater comes with all boxes checked when it comes to the performance. It is smart and yet, high-working heat pumps that you would love to have for your home. Of Course, this device is a great choice for many as it can provide long durability and also low daily costs.

At a glance

The Beacon Pet Pool Heater comes with a perfect design that can be opted for a small pool or a bathtub. The package dimensions are around 11.81 x 6.69 x 6.3 inches. It has a slim profile so that you can always carry the device. The best part is that the weight is lower than 1 ounce. So lifting up all by yourself will not be a difficult task. Coming to the installation, it comes with a manual and all the parts can be easily assembled at any given time. You may not require the help of a professional to set up the product and keep using it.

More to come

  • One of the most impressive features for using this device is the intelligent self-test system. Not many devices can come up with this mechanism to keep testing the water temperature and then altering the settings. However, the Beacon Pet Pool Heater does it with perfection. It even displays the settings that need to be altered.
  • Another feature that impressed us the most for the water heater is the preset temperature options. Even if there is a change in the outdoor conditions, the heater will be able to detect such. It reads the current temperature of the water and receives signals from the thermostat instantly. The thermostat settings are automatically changed as needed.
  • The one feature that impressed most of us is the option of having an automatic power-off feature. It keeps on noting the time of usage and also the recorded temperature for safety. If the water temperature is higher than recommended, the Beacon Pet Pool Heater automatically shuts down. It can prevent any type of external damages to you.

Before you go

Considering the price, we expected the Beacon Pet Pool Heater to deliver you more. The features that you get with this heat pump are quite decent. However, while comparing it with other products, the price seems to be much more than expected. At this price, you could get better gas heaters.

Bottom Line

The Beacon Pet Pool Heater comes with a high-performance heat pump. It is well-suited to deliver your swimming pool a proper temperature to be around. Installation is easy as the product features a light-weight design and it is also easy to disassemble at the same time.

My Rating: 82%


  • Automatic Outdoor Water Heater
  • Automatic Power Off
  • Easy to Install


  • Low capacity
Beacon Pet Swimming Pool Heater Electric SPA Heating Thermostat 220V 3KW Swimming Pool Heat Pumps
  • The initial set temperature settings: This equipped with ultra-high...
  • Thermostat operation is fully automated, clockwise, the heating is on,...
  • The thermostat can be maintained within a temperature not exceeding 40 °C...
  • Automatic heating: thermostat will first reach the preset temperature, then...
  • Ultra-high temperature (over 49 °C), ultra-high temperature switch will...

Accessories and Replacement for Pool Heaters

1. Blue Wave NE6171B Pump

This is a specific performing pump that allows you to clean the dirt inside the pool. It specifically acts as a self-priming pump which gives you access to easy cleaning on the go. For regular uses, this product can be handy to filter out the water.

2. Hayward FDXLBKP1930 Bezel and Keypad Assembly

If your locality has saltwater, it is prone to corrosion. This will automatically slower down the flow of the heat pump. This device offers you a rescue and can reduce almost 20% of the run time of the pump.

3. Pentair 42002-0024S Stack Flue Sensor

This is a replacement kit for the stack flow sensor. If you find any problem with this sensor and it breaks down, this is the ideal product to choose. It fits perfectly with most of the Pentair models.

4. Pentair 42001-0053S Electrical Systems Thermistor

If you are using an electric heater, thermistor is an important component. The Pentair 42001-0053S Electrical Systems Thermistor can be a great replacement tool for such options. It will help you to easily configure the heater once it stops working.

5. Pentair 42002-0007S Control Board Kit

This device can be an ideal replacement for the Pentair 42002-0007S Control Board Kit. It has a complete heating and pre-programmed control board system. Simply install the product and it will be good to run.

6. Hayward IDXLTER1930 Heater Thermistor

If you are using any H series heater from Hayward IDXLTER1930 Heater Thermistor, this Hayward IDXLTER1930 Heater Thermistor is the thing that you need. It can be installed within 20 minutes and does not require a professional.

7. SmartPool EQTM2400NA Programmable Timer

This is an external device that you can use with any electric heater. The product has a 2-feet long cord. So configuring it with the heater will not be a difficult thing.

Wrap Up

Having a pool heater means that you get the luxury of spending time in comfortable water. Even when you swim outside, you won’t catch a cold. Choosing the best pool heaters from all can be a difficult task in hand. There are so many and it can get literally confusing. To save up your time and effort while choosing the best, you can pick any model that we have mentioned above. Of course, to help you with this, we have presented a detailed review guide. You can go through this and let us know about which product you liked the most.

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