Low-pressure hoses are built to bring in the stability of water flow. Your house may receive low water pressure from the reservoir. Without sufficient pressure, your propane heater will not be able to perform. Low-Pressure Hoses are built to allow more friction inside the hose. It thus increases water pressure to maximize the use of your heater.

Most of them are made up of brass or other metal components which can conduct heat and pressure at the same time. In simple words, a low pressure hose is also termed as a female flare which allows you to connect to a propane heater regulator.

Here are some key benefits of using Low Pressure Hoses:

  1. It allows more friction inside the pipe.
  2. You can get a comfortable size to fit.
  3. It is capable of dealing with low and high temperatures.
  4. Great for propane heaters up to the 250 psi mark

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