It’s winter… So where are you moving out on a vacation with your family? I’m sure kids would love to hike for something adventurous.

So why not make it a memorable trip by going for a camping trip?

Anyone would love this right? Just imagine children in your family overjoyed by the idea of going out for camping. If we are on the same page now it is important to take care of your camping tent as well.

Keep it heated which will make a comfortable night stay even on a valley or hills. What can be better than having Coleman BlackCat Tent Heater along with you?

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Read this review on Coleman propane heater and decide for yourself on purchasing this amazing tent heater.

Key Features of Coleman BlackCat Tent Heater

1. Powerful Heating Unit

This device comes with an amazing unit for your use. This product runs at almost 3000 BTU which is great to use under any circumstances. Any tent heater with such higher levels of BTU will be enough to provide you with an amazing comfort. It keeps your room warm and also allows you to get fast heating.

2. Long runtime

Another great feature of this tent heater is the long runtime that you get. Coleman BlackCat requires a small propane tank to provide continuous heating to the tent.

Even a small and portable tank of 16.4 ounce will be enough to provide you with a decent runtime.

It can at least run for 7 hours with the highest heat settings and more than 10 hours with the lowest settings.

3. Easy Ignition

To allow this heater a free flow of heating mechanism, ignition needs to be smooth.

Coleman BlackCat tops the list with an amazing heading technology. With the help of this heater, you will be able to run with a single button ignition.

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Coleman has introduced InstaStart ignition especially for this product that wastes no time. It starts heating your tent instantly.

4. Highest levels of safety

Coleman BlackCat comes with multiple levels of safety standards along with this device. It also comes with all-around safety and easy to cool features.

You can always expect this product to be delivering you with overheating protectors and auto shut off sensors.

In case of low levels of oxygen or propane leakage, Coleman BlackCat automatically shuts down.

5. Easy controls

Who would not like to have a device that comes with easy and fast controls?

Coleman BlackCat features easy to control settings with a temperature rotator on its side.

You can manually change the rate of airflow and also alter between high and low-temperature settings.

What do Other Users say?

“Great Heater for big space”

One consumer from Amazon feels that this small heater is enough for any big space. Infact, he set up a dynamic tent of 100 sq feet and it seemed to heat up the entire tent inside 10 minutes while it was snowing outside. Amazing technology and features which anyone would love to have right from the start.

“Safety is top notch”

Jacob, a US resident, shares an incident where he left his heater open and went for a stroll. Naturally, the tent got overheated. Thanks to this amazing device and its sensors. It could immediately stop from running until the temperature inside the tent gets back to normal. Jacob was so relieved to return to a comfortable place.

Coleman BlackCat Troubleshooting

  • If you are facing problems with Coleman BlackCat getting wet, stop using the device. You need to take out all internal parts and let them dry naturally. Do not apply forced air and keep it under the sun.
  • To make sure that there is no propane leak, use Teflon tape and wrap it all around the hose. This will prevent you from any type of leaks and accidents caused inside the tent.
  • If you find that the thermostat is not working properly, consider turning it off. Allow the heater to cool down naturally and start with low heat settings mode. You can now increase to the highest heat settings.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What power connection does it require?

Coleman BlackCat is a catalytic heater and it supports similar to any other catalytic heater as well. Of Course, this product comes along with amazing stability and it runs similar to any other catalytic heater would do. To be fair, you can quickly run this product with an optimal voltage of 240 Volts. Carrying an external battery with your heater is recommended. It does not require any power cord.

2. How does Coleman BlackCat heat up the room?

Coleman BlackCat is not like any other regular propane-based space heater. It is a specific catalytic heater that worked without any flames. In fact, to heat up the room, it uses catalyzed chemicals. This is a simple procedure where propane molecules are broken down and converted to heat energy. It is now combined with oxygen to transmit warmth to the room. Thus, there is no harmful emission.

3. Is it safe to sleep while turning Coleman BlackCat on?

Of course, it is and you will not have to worry at all. Coleman BlackCat runs for about 10 hours in the lowest heat settings. However, the advanced sensors available allow the heater to automatically turn off once it is used. You can now enjoy the automated function and allow Coleman BlackCat to do its job. However, a small pocket for ventilation may be helpful.


Last update on 2022-03-11 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

A little bit of snow might stop you to enjoy your camp night. Why to upset everyone when one simple tent heater can bring back the joy?

Coleman BlackCat Tent Heater is one such device that nobody would want to miss out on because of this. It is completely safe and provides enough BTU to heat up a big sized tent.

Any catalytic heater is safe, but overheating could require proper ventilation. Make sure that you create small pockets of space to allow minimal ventilation as required. Do let us know down below about what you think before purchasing Coleman BlackCat Tent Heater.

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