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Low-Pressure Hoses

Low-pressure hoses are built to bring in the stability of water flow. Your house may receive low water pressure from the reservoir. Without sufficient pressure, your propane heater will not be able to perform. Low-Pressure Hoses are built to allow more friction inside the hose. It thus increases water pressure to maximize the use of … Read more

Camping Hoses

Camping hoses are the ones that you carry along with yourself to set up a propane heater outside. When you are traveling outside and willing to set up a heater, you need to have a lightweight hose that is flexible and easy to carry. Camping hose is the answer. Such a propane hose is designed … Read more

Propane Flex Lines

By the name itself, you can understand why propane flex lines are important. They are extremely flexible in nature. Although flex lines work in a similar manner to high and low-pressure PVC hose, it is different in structure. With a flexible body, you can get to set both the male and female end of the … Read more