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Single Stage Regulators

You may want to control the flow of propane gas at every step. Such actions require a single-stage regulator. These valves are specially built to control low-pressure flow from your propane tank and you need accurate measurements. Single-stage regulators help you to control propane flow with better accuracy.

Regulators w/Hoses

Regulators w/Hoses are a complete setup that you need to have in case you are not being able to install two separate items together. Your regulator may not fit into any other hose. Choosing a regulator with hoses will always help you to connect to a propane tank.

Integral Regulators

Integral Regulators are commonly known as twin stage regulators as well. They include a combination of both the first strange and also a second stage regulator. Most modern-day propane tanks use an integral regulator to control the flow of propane gas. It saves space and also allows you to take fewer efforts in controlling every … Read more

First Stage Regulators

When propane flows out of a gas chamber, it goes through multiple phases. At the first stage, the pressure is generally low and it is restricted up to 10 psi. First Stage Regulators are used to control this flow of gas and can be used as a connector with a second stage regulator.

BBQ Regulators

BBQ Regulators were originally manufactured for use with butane gas tanks. However, you can use it for propane tanks as well. A BBQ regulator is generally capable of dealing with low gas pressure. If you are using a propane gas cylinder for a barbeque grill, BBQ regulators become very important to have.

Automatic Regulators

Automatic regulators work similarly like an adjustable regulator. The main role of an automatic regulator is to switch from one propane tank to another. It comes to be handy when you have a leak in a gas tank or a leak in the hose. In such a case, the regulator indicates a change and transfers … Read more

Adjustable Regulators

Adjustable regulators are generally high-pressure regulators by default. They are responsible for delivering the required pressure to the propane heater. In case of low or high pressure, such regulators can be manually adjustable to provide a comfortable pressure. Propane gas tanks and hoses come with such adjustable regulators.


Every propane gas heater may face pressure problems. Sometimes it may be a bit high while it may be low at most locations. To regulate this propane pressure at a stipulated level, you need high and low pressure regulators. Low-pressure regulators are basically used when you require lowering down pressure less than 300 psi. Coming … Read more

High-Pressure Hoses

Most modern-day propane heaters use high-pressure hoses. This is simply because such hoses are built to last longer and have the capacity to provide you with better results. High pressure hoses are built with either a rubber or a PVC plastic material to cope up with the temperature. Generally, they are built to last longer … Read more