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Relief Valves

The pressure relief valve is one of the most important components of your propane heater. It resembles a complete pressure control that will help you to get a complete control of the device. If this valve distinguishes pressure developing when it should, it will release and allow the strain to escape immediately. These parts of … Read more

OPD Valves

On the outside of the cylinder there is a gadget called the OPD, the overfill prevention gadget. Inside the tank is this gadget that acts as a float. It floats to the top when the tank has reached maximum capacity.  The propane distributor has a mathematical formula that is utilized to establish that the tank … Read more

Multi Valves

The multivalve is just here to provide you with a complete solution of propane based tanks. it is responsible for controlling everything from the flow of propane to prevention of liquid from the tank. Pressure may develop at any time inside the tank and thus it is evident to stop the excessive temperature buildup inside. … Read more

Forklift Valves

The propane forklift valves discharge less smoke and are utilized indoors but just under proper ventilation. Propane is anything but a poisonous fuel, and so its ignition does not produce harmful gases. There are many forklift valves in the market that sudden spike in demand for propane. Also, there is no evaporation like diesel or … Read more

Fill Valves

The propane is put away in the propane tank, and when you pull the flush handle, you are opening the valve that gives the new propane access to the bowl. At the point when new propane leaves the propane tank, it should be replaced. Inside the propane tank will be a fill valve that has … Read more

Cylinder Valves

The propane cylinder is meant for safe storage and transportation of the fluid oil gas, essentially a combination of propane and butane. Propane gas is generally put away and transported in cylinders made of steel. There is a requirement for valves intended to guarantee that the gas is safely put away in place and there … Read more

Propane Ball Valves

Ball valves, as a major individual from the enormous valve family, have been making great contributions to various industrial cycles. Such mechanisms are specialized to control fluids under high tension or high temperature.  Clearly, such mechanisms possess a great number of advantages. For example, ball valves are easy and monetary to install and have a … Read more


Different types of valves for your propane cylinder and the heater are available but not every valve is fitted so well with various types of equipment. Check out this list of valves. Propane Ball Valves Cylinder Valves Fill Valves Forklift Valves Multi Valves OPD Valves Relief Valves 

Accessories for Regulators

Any propane regulator may require multiple accessories. Objects like a flare plug, inverted flare pigtail, copper hog tail propane gauge, needle valve, Teflon tape and more are equally important. You may find these items to be very handy in order to prevent any type of gas leaks or reverse fire in the tank.

Second Stage Regulators

After the first stage of flow, you can also apply a second stage regulator. You may require a high flow of pressure and a low flow of pressure alternatively. If you are having a first stage regulator already, opting for a second stage regulator will only help you to get more controls for the product.