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10 Best Propane Torpedo Heater Review To buy | 2021

Torpedo heaters are just like regular space heaters that are designed for increased air flow. The overall design completely seems like a torpedo and because of this it is set to release around 250-300 cfm of hot air into an open area.

If you have wide space heating requirements, opting for a torpedo heater could be highly beneficial. in various types of heaters like propane torpedo heater, kerosene, diesel, and multifuel torpedo heater normally used for both outdoor and indoor needs.

torpedo heaters are capable of heating up to spaces between 1500 to 3000 square feet in just a few minutes. Before you go on to buy one, read this quick guide, and go through the comparison mentioned below.

Types of best Torpedo Heater

Torpedo heaters can be available in different types. However, most of them are based on the fuel consumption. They are mentioned as follows

– Kerosene Torpedo Heaters

Kerosene heaters are quite common when it comes to torpedo heating mechanisms. The most efficient kerosene is much higher. This is why there are multiple models with a kerosene heating system. You can store a kerosene tank for more than 1-2 years. Any kerosene torpedo heater will cost higher because fuel consumption is much lower. It has an average runtime of 12 hours for a 20 lb tank.

– Propane Torpedo Heaters

Propane torpedo heaters are the most common types of heating units available in the market today. It simply is a propane gas tank just like any other type of heater would. Propane torpedo heaters have higher efficiency rates and are also cost-effective. A propane tank heater of 20 lb will be sufficient for the product to run for 11 hours.

– Diesel Torpedo Heaters

Efficiency rate is a bit lower when it comes to diesel tanks for torpedo heaters. A diesel tank of 20 lb will run the product for 8 hours. However, since the cost of diesel is less, a lot of people try this option. It is strictly applicable for outdoor uses and with ventilation.

– Multi Fuel Torpedo Heaters

Multi fuel torpedo is another type of torpedo available. It allows you to get both kerosene and diesel installation options. You can get amazing productivity. However, the multi fuel torpedo heaters are a bit higher in cost.

Best Torpedo Heater Comparison Table

HeaterFuel ConsumptionBTUCapacity
Mr. Heater MH60QFAVPropane600001500 sq ft
Mr. Heater F271390Propane1250003125 sq ft
Dura Heat DFA135CKerosene1350003125 sq ft
Remington REM-60V-GFA-OPropane600001500 sq ft
Mr. Heater F271350Propane38000950 sq ft
Dyna-Glo Delux KFA80DGDMulti-fuel800001900 sq ft
HEXAGO Forced Air HeaterPropane600001500 sq ft
DeWALT DXH70CFAV HeaterPropane680001500 sq ft
Pro-Temp Forced Air Torpedo HeaterMulti-fuel450001125 sq ft
DeWalt F340700 DXH215HDKerosene2150006500 sq ft

Best Torpedo Heaters Review (Electric, Propane Kerosene)

1. Mr. Heater MH60QFAV Propane Forced Air Heater

  • It comes with a fast and effective heating display. To reach 120 degrees this heater takes only 2 minutes.
  • MH60QFAV features jet turbine technology which blasts forced air all over the room.
  • It features a 10-feet hose and regulator. This installation will never be a problem in the case of DIY procedures.
  • The output fan is made up of heavy-duty construction. You can get rugged and durable steel material for blades.

Mr. Heater MH60QFAV performs for more than 14 hours when you run it continuously. Any professional heater with such a long run-time is ready to provide amazing comfort. Even if your room is more than 1500 square feet, this product takes very less time to heat up.

You’ll get to fit this with a 20 pounds propane tank which is easily replaceable as well. To run this propane torpedo heater, you’ll require a standard 115v outlet and it features a simple plug and play mechanism. Mr. Heater MH60QFAV follows QBT technology which is responsible for silent operation. QBT is the latest platform for forced air ignition and silent operations.

Mr. Heater MH60QFAV 60,000 BTU Portable Propane Forced Air Heater
  • QBT Technology - 50% Quieter than a standard...
  • 60,000 BTU Propane Forced-air Heater"
  • Variable 30,000-60,000 BTU Output (Runs Up To...

2. Mr. Heater F271390 Forced Air Propane Torpedo Heater

  • It features quiet burner technology for silent operations. Even if you are sleeping, it works perfectly with help of a 20lb propane tank which is quite decent to use.
  • F271390 forced air comes with standard fittings and a durable body. All materials are made up of stainless steel body that allows you to get an amazing build-up.

Mr. Heater F271390 is an amazing product to have for both outdoor and indoor needs. With 125000 BTU ratings, anyone would love to use this product for outdoor requirements. This product comes with an impressive capacity of heating 3125 square feet.

While testing this product, I found out that it takes very less time for forced air to pass through the body.

Although manufacturers claim a run time of 11.5 hours, if you keep it air low settings in between, this product is decent to run for 15 hours as well. Mr. Heater F271390 comes with a high temperature setting switch that allows you to fasten up heat settings.

No products found.

3. Dura Heat DFA135C Kero Forced Air Heater

  • It presents a LED temperature indicator at the front panel. It is completely digital in nature and easy to read.
  • Power consumption is decent and even in the highest settings, it consumes 1500 watts. You can easily fit in a 20lb propane tank.
  • The presence of kerosene gas and powered gas options become great to use. It comes with a great power source and decent run time.

Every person who has used the DuraHeat DFA135C feels the same about this product. It is a complete professional model that runs with kerosene ignition fuel. Even though most people run it with kerosene, you can also use diesel as an alternative.

This workspace heater features commercial-grade coating options that will give you impressive durability.

All materials are built of specialized grade metal construction for added protection. Moreover, it comes with wheels and kits which help you to transport this device from one place to another.

Dura Heat DFA135C weighs only 59 pounds and carrying it will never be a problem at all.

Dura Heat DFA135C 135K BTU Kero Forced Air Heater with Thermostat
71 Reviews
Dura Heat DFA135C 135K BTU Kero Forced Air Heater with Thermostat
  • Multi-fuel capable - tested with K-1...
  • Commercial grade construction
  • LED digital temperature indicator and...

4. Remington REM-60V-GFA-O Air Heater

  • Remington REM-60V-GFA-O can easily heat up a space of 1500 sq ft in 10 minutes max. It is reliable for construction sites as well.
  • This product comes with a durable body built. It also features a regulator on the sides to allow you to get adjustable settings.
  • You can get a 1-year limited warranty with a Remington torpedo heater. All body construction is decent and great to use.

Remington REM-60V-GFA-O is another great addition in this list if you are looking for a torpedo heater for everyday use. This product is made up of rugged stainless steel construction which features extreme durability.

For everyday indoor and outdoor uses, you can set up this propane heater at any place. This product from Remington comes with a 15000 square feet which will allow you to get a high airflow capacity.

Most other products with such specifications work around 250 CFM but Remington REM-60V-GFA-O can get an amazing capacity of 300 cfm. Output and fan blower is always high and it can cover up a space of 1500 square feet easily.

Remington REM-60V-GFA-O Variable BTU for Heating up to 1500 Square feet, 60,000, Black
  • RELIABLE—great for construction sites,...
  • RUGGED—steel construction
  • HIGH-OUPUT—variable BTU for heating up to...

5. Mr. Heater F271350 Forced Air Propane Heater

  • The Mr. Heater F271350 comes with BT technology that makes operations quite silent. You can expect a little humming sound, but it will not create any problem at all.
  • This heater comes with a 10-feet hose for quick and easy installation. Even if you keep the propane tank at a distance away from the heater, it will have quick and easy connectivity options.

The Mr. Heater F271350 is a compact torpedo heater that works perfectly in any open space. It features similar design like any professional torpedo heater and it provides an airflow boost to perform well. It comes with an easy heating mechanism with the support of a 20 lb propane tank. Installing this propane tank is easy with basic steps required. With a simple 20lb tank, you can expect this torpedo heater to run for at least 12 hours in low heat settings. Coming to the forced air mechanism, it contains an individual regulator. You can switch between 38000 BTU to 60000 BTU instantly without even a light delay.

Mr. Heater 38,000 BTU Forced Air Propane Heater F271350
  • Quiet Burner Technology-50% Quieter than a...
  • 10ft hose and regulator included
  • High-Temperature limit switch

6. Dyna-Glo Delux KFA80DGD Kerosene Heater

  • This device comes with impressive features like thermostat control. There is a regulator knob that you can directly use to alter temperatures.
  • You can get a high controlled displacement. This eater works at a rate of 80000 BT. You can still change it.
  • Dyna-Glo Delux KFA80DGD comes with impressive heating area coverage. It is suitable for large and wide room coverage up to 900 square feet.
  • This torpedo heater is extremely energy efficient because of kerosene usage. It is almost 98% efficient with kerosene that works well.

Dyna-Glo Delux KFA80DGD is a fantastic torpedo heater from the manufacturers. There are few kerosene based models which bring up such smooth operation of heating mechanisms. Surely is one product that tops this list because of the impressive build up and ability that this product can provide you with. Coming to construction, this product is manufactured with a stainless steel body. Although manufacturers claim this to be protected from any serious weather problems, it is best to avoid using this product during rain. Dyna-Glo Delux KFA80DGD weighs around 26.9 pounds and it has a 10-feet hose pie. So completing installation will not be a problem.

Dyna-Glo Delux KFA80DGD Kerosene, 80K BTU Forced air Heater, 80,000
  • 80,000 BTU
  • Heats up to 1,900 square fee
  • Comfort Control Thermostat allows more...

7. HEXAGO Portable Liquid Propane Forced Air Heater

  • HEXAGO Propane heater comes with a massive coverage of 40000 to 60000 BTU which allows you to get complete coverage of space heating requirements.
  • There is a regulator just on the side of your heater. This regulator can be specially used to alter both temperature and power of forced air flowing out from the heater.
  • This amazing heater is covered by new Hexagon technology that is built to reduce sound. Comparing other models this propane heater works silently.
  • You can get a decent support of runtime with a 20 lb propane tank. Even at the highest forced settings, this product should deliver you around 8 hours of runtime.

If you prepare for a small and compact device that turns up heating efficiently, HEXAGO is one product that you would love to have. It is small in size and also short by dimensions and volume. Thus, HEXAGO torpedo heaters could be a perfect buy for limited space heating options. Coming to the mode of mechanism, this product has continuous electric spark ignites. Simply press the power button and it will be turned on automatically. For smooth operation, it seeks radiation technology to enhance deflation and ignition. Apart from this you can also get shut-off protection for added safety. It avoids any type of gas leakage.

HEXAGO - 85,000 BTU Adjustable Portable Liquid Propane Gas Forced Air Heater, Height Adjustable, CSA Listed, Yellow, Heating up to 2,125 sqft
  • CSA Certified 50,000~85,000 BTU Forced Air...
  • Automatic Continuous Electric Spark Ingniter,...
  • Ideal for construction site, utility/farm...

8. DeWALT DXH70CFAV Forced Air Propane Heater

  • This torpedo heater comes with a variable control switch. You can easily adjust air force as well as temperature.
  • It comes with a high temperature limit switch. This switch is specially designed for added safety to the product.
  • DeWALT DXH70CFAV has quiet burner technology. With the help of this technology, you can expect the torpedo heater to run silently.
  • You can use this heater from Dewalt as a direct power source. However, using a 20V battery could also get the job done.

DeWALT DXH70CFAV is another amazing device to buy for your small space heating needs. This product is made up of durable materials which makes it last longer even under extreme weather conditions. Imported grade materials make this product relevantly tough to use. To ensure it comes with great materials, DeWalt has introduced industrial housing components with a complete powder coat finish to this product. As a result, you can always expect this to be providing both comfort and also a decent protection. Coming to safety, DeWALT DXH70CFAV includes multiple sensors in its body. As a result, you can expect this product to deliver you with solid performance.

DeWALT DXH70CFAV 68,000 BTU Cordless Forced Air Propane Heater
  • Industrial housing - Electrostatic...
  • Batteries: 1 - 20V battery required...
  • Variable rate valve for optimal heat

9. Pro-Temp Kerosene/Diesel Forced Air Torpedo Heater

  • Pro-Temp heater comes with multiple safety features. One of them is the air-pressure gauge. With the help of this garage, it can prevent any type of gas leakage.
  • It comes with a capacity of 5 gallons of tank. Although this may seem a bit short but you can get around 14 hours of runtime.
  • ·Pro-Temp heater comes with multiple safety features. One of them is the air-pressure gauge. With the help of this garage, it can prevent any type of gas leakage.
  • It comes with a capacity of 5 gallons of tank. Although this may seem a bit short but you can get around 14 hours of runtime.
  • A part from this, it has easy controls and settings with the Pro-Temp heater. There is a power on and off switch on the body.

Pro-Temp is a leading manufacturer when it comes to building a decent torpedo heater for your use. This heater is fuelled by both diesel and kerosene and you can use any one of them as an alternative. In case of both multi-use fuels, Pro-Temp heater runs smooth and without any obstruction at all. It is rated at 45000 BTU which is quite decent for any regular home or patio. Moreover, you can also get a variable control switch that allows you to heat up the entire room in a few minutes. With such impressive power and smooth flow of forced air, you can expect this product to deliver you around a coverage area of 1125 sq feet. This is highly impressive for any mid budget torpedo heater.

Pro-Temp PT-140T-KFA 140,000 BTU Kerosene/Diesel Forced Air Torpedo Heater, Red/Black
  • Versatile for construction sites, workshops,...
  • Operates up to 10 hours on a full tank of...
  • Runs on efficient, clean-burning K-1 kerosene...

10. DeWalt F340700 DXH215HD Forced Air Kerosene Heater

  • DeWalt F340700 is a completely professional product to buy if you have large space requirements. This product can easily cover up to 6500 sq ft.
  • The torpedo heater comes with a cfm output of 400 which is quite decent as well. You can get variable airflow control around 215000 BTU.
  • You can get a decent thermostat with the product that allows you to adjust and control temperatures as needed. You can get multiple sensors as well.

DeWalt F340700 is basically a multi fuel torpedo heater that comes with amazing features. It has CSA certified license which makes this product to be stable and great for use. CSA certification ensures that the product is ready for durability test. This is why you can expect this torpedo heater to last longer. Coming to the body, it is made p of an amazing looking stainless steel coating. You can also get a wheelbase which makes this product look amazing to use as well. You can get a small handle to pull back this torpedo heater from one place to another. To help you with configuration, it comes along with a 10-feet long hose. You can set this up in few minutes of time.

DeWalt F340700 DXH215HD Forced Air Kerosene Heater,Yellow
  • Multi fuel capability
  • Overheat safety shut off
  • Continuous ignition

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Having the best torpedo heater could be great for both outdoor and indoor needs. You can either place it for your garage or for your patio. Although I personally feel that Mr. Heater MH60QFAV propane torpedo heater is one of the best to have in terms of both performance and budget, there are other products as well. You can pick any one of your choice and let us know in the comments below.

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