From overnight camping to an outdoor picnic, lack of proper lighting can disrupt the entire fun. Hence, it is always wise to act intelligent and be ready for every challenge. One such challenge you might face being outdoors is during the nighttime. An easy way to combat this darkness is a propane lantern.

A cost-efficient and reliable solution, it is a great way to generate both light and heat. Propane is a much safer gas than kerosene or other liquid fuels and rarely explodes. Even propane lanterns lack too many complex components and parts and are easier to operate.

If all these and more such reasons convince you of using a propane lantern, you must go ahead reading this post.

Here, we have reviewed the 10 best propane lanterns that are worth using along with all important considerations to pick the best. As a highlight, you will get to learn:

  • Reviews of best propane lanterns
  • What makes the best propane lantern?
  • Vital aspects to consider for picking the best propane lantern
  • Expert answers for all your queries

Top 3 Choices

Sale Coleman QuickPack Deluxe Propane Lantern
Sale Coleman NorthStar Propane Lantern

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List of 10 Best Propane Lantern Reviews

1. Best Overall – Coleman QuickPack Deluxe Propane Lantern

Dimensions – 1 x 1 x 1 inches
Weight – 3.2 pounds
Lasts up to – 13.5 hours on 16.4 oz. propane cylinder
The High Points – Quick pack storage, consistent performance, and adjustable brightness, resistance from cracking, rust, and corrosion, bail handle for easy movement
Not So – The handle is not ergonomically designed, a protective case is not much durable as it is made of plastic

Packing up the lantern will now be easier and effortless with the Coleman QuickPack Deluxe lantern. This dual mantle design generates a bright and consistent glow of up to 1000 lumens light, which extends up to 22 meters away.

Using its adjustable knob, you can get the perfect lighting and avail of adequate brightness. Once you lit the lanterns, its wide base offers stability while its bail handle permits convenient hanging.

It is an awesome companion for those who want to get fully ready for their adventure trip. It comes in a protective plastic case, which is reasonable.

A nice product comes with an efficient control knob that makes sure you have easy and accurate control over the brightness. The light is good enough to cook dinner and set up camp. With a 20lb propane cylinder, it lit up the entire camp as bright as the day.

Features & Considerations

Consistent performance is achievable with this lantern as it comes with the advanced PerfectFlow technology. Even if you are at high altitude or in extreme conditions, it performs incomparably well. It lasts up to 7.5 hours with one propane cylinder.

The porcelain-covered 2-tier ventilator holds resistance to rust and corrosion. High-temperature glob holds resistance to cracking from heat. With the bail handle, you can conveniently carry it and hang it to a tree branch.

Coleman QuickPack Deluxe Propane Lantern
735 Reviews
Coleman QuickPack Deluxe Propane Lantern
  • Powerful 2-mantle propane lantern ideal for camping and outdoor adventures
  • PerfectFlow technology provides steady fuel stream in all weather...
  • Lights with a match; adjustable brightness
  • Wide base for stability also doubles as bottom of carry case

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2. Excellent Value for Money – Coleman Gas Lantern Compact Propane Lantern

Dimensions – 6.75 x 4.95 x 3.8 inches
Weight – 1 pound
Lasts up to – 11.5 hours on one 16.4 oz. propane cylinder
The High Points – customizable brightness, chain handle for easy carrying, metal globe guard, consistent performance, pressure-control technology
Not So – Mantles not stocked at the local stores.

Next, we have this efficiently designed lantern by Coleman, which will render you a personalized light experience that lasts the entire night. The compact design is easy to carry and saves storage space.

It offers an enhanced level of light for a single person using 300 lumens. You only require a quick match strike to get the lantern started.

Impressed with its performance, this Coleman lantern is pressure-regulated and delivers consistent light, regardless of the weather. Robust porcelain ventilation prevents rusting and ensures the unit lasts longer.

Fuel efficient and bright for their size, the mantles are easy to find. Using it after dark gives you enough brightness extended up to 8 meters distance. Its compact nature and enough lighting with one mantle make it a great buy!

Features & Considerations

Carrying along this lantern is very easy as it comes with a high-quality chain handle. Designed with the globe guard, it holds protection from breaking or cracking due to extreme heat.

No wonder where you are, the Perfect Flow technology for pressure control generates a steady stream of fuel and delivers stable performance in all types of weather conditions.

Coleman Gas Lantern | 300 Lumens Compact 1 Mantle Propane Lantern
464 Reviews
Coleman Gas Lantern | 300 Lumens Compact 1 Mantle Propane Lantern
  • LUMENS: Up to 300 lumens casts light up to 8 meters
  • RUNTIME: Up to 11.5 hours on high on one 16.4 oz. propane cylinder (sold...
  • PRESSURE REGULATOR: Pressure-control technology provides consistent...
  • CUSTOMIZABLE BRIGHTNESS: For precise control and the perfect ambience

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3. Solid and Stable – Coleman Two-Mantle Propane Lantern with Case

Dimensions – 9 x 1 x 13 inches
Weight – 5.2 pounds
Lasts up to – 14 hours
The High Points – stable base with retractable bottom, solid carrying case opens into 3 sections, lights with matches
Not So – lacks built-in ignition

Really bright and consistent, this lantern is simply amazing! This is another premium product by Coleman, which flames quickly with a match. It comes with two mantles and an instruction book, which makes it very easy to use.

It is simple yet strong and packed in a brilliant carrying case, which works in favor. It is a lot more durable and a great purchase for the money.

It is well constructed and puts out a great deal of light. Available with a hard case, it is easy and nice to put the lantern away, which makes it great to pack. It does not have a built-in ignition, so you need to use a small torch or match for lighting it up.

Features & Considerations

Light up your world when you are outdoors with this two-mantle propane lantern with a carrying case. It illuminates the campsite well and comes with a ventilator fired in porcelain offering resistance to rust.

The stable base with retractable feet allows easy storage. It lights easily with matches and one cylinder of propane gives up to 14 hours of uninterrupted brightness. The handy carry case makes it a breeze to pack this lantern.

Coleman Two-Mantle Propane Lantern with Case
306 Reviews
Coleman Two-Mantle Propane Lantern with Case
  • Lights with matches
  • Stable base with retractable feet
  • One cylinder of propane (not included) lasts up to 14 hours
  • Case opens into three sections for easy packing

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4. One of the Brightest Lanterns – Coleman Northstar Propane Lantern

Dimensions – 12.9 x 8.5 x 6.5 inches
Weight – 3.83 pounds
Lasts up to – 4.3 hours high and 9.25 hours on low with 16.4 oz. cylinder
The High Points – consistent gas flow, high-temperature globe resistance to cracking, quick start ignition, adjustable dimmer knob
Not So – requires assembly on an initial basis

Being outdoors can be more fun and illuminating with this feature-packed propane lantern. A premium-grade product, it lights conveniently without matches and can bring joy filled with light to your camping, hiking, or trekking experience.

Built-in with InstaStart ignition, it is very easy to use. You can turn it up to 1450 lumens or low as per personal choice. Meticulous construction enables you to carry this lantern with you in all weather. The amazing Perfectflow system offers a consistent fuel level imparting impeccable performance.

This lantern has only a single mantle, but its surface area is close to twice that of the combined area of two mantles. As a result, it delivers twice the heat and light that a standard lantern.

The construction is not so sturdy but can last longer if maintained properly. The stand is perfect for campfire and the built-in igniter works right.

Features & Considerations

This is an unmatched quality design that protects the light. A metal guard and high-temperature globe with durable porcelain ventilator offer protection from cracking or damage.

The folding base offers great stability when the lantern is running. It lasts for hours with a single fueling to make sure you don’t have to refuel it again and again. The install-clip tube mantles are the easiest to install.

Coleman NorthStar Propane Lantern
521 Reviews
Coleman NorthStar Propane Lantern
  • PerfectFlow system for consistent gas flow and light output
  • High-temperature globe resists cracking from heat
  • InstaStart ignition for matchless lighting
  • Adjustable dimmer knob for the perfect outdoor light

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5. Coleman Elite Perfectflow Propane Lantern

Dimensions – 12 x 9 x 7 inches
Weight – 4 pounds
Lasts up to – 8 hours with 16.4 oz. cylinder
The High Points – adjustable light mechanism, ensures consistent light in different altitudes and weather, resistance to rust and corrosion,
Not So – nice and durable built, porcelain ventilator resists rust and corrosion, perfect flow technology offers consistent light output, adjustable light

No need to wait for more to enjoy all superb adventures outside as this Coleman propane lantern is here to serve you. Whether you are camping for the first time alone or fishing or trekking in a group, this lantern will always be there to show the passage even in the darkest night.

It is a great gear for outdoor lovers that is reliable and illuminates to an extended distance. It provides consistent performance in all sorts of weather conditions to let you gain maximum comfort and reliability.

The simplicity of this unit is worth every penny. You don’t need a lighter to begin it and have to assemble the propane tank for convenient use. The light released from it is exceptionally bright and useful on a very low setting.

It holds a helpful light guard and has a sturdy base. The metal base is so strong for standing and it can be hung easily using the handle. The mantles can easily change and it has a great and solid build.

Features & Considerations

A highly reliable unit, it offers extended illumination making outdoor life much easier for you. The double-mantle design of the lantern generates a bright and steady glow of up to 1000 lumens, which reaches up to 23 meters.

You can start it with a match strike and then adjust the perfect brightness using the adjustable control knob. The strong foot base offers great stability when placed on a surface. Easy carrying and hanging is possible with the bail handle making it a worthy purchase.

Coleman Elite Perfectflow Propane Lantern
327 Reviews
Coleman Elite Perfectflow Propane Lantern
  • Bright lantern adjusts from Low to High for perfect outdoor lighting
  • Runs 8 hours on one 16.4-oz. Coleman propane cylinder (sold separately)
  • PerfectFlow system ensures consistent light output in varying weather and...
  • Porcelain ventilator resists corrosion and rust -- perfect for camping,...

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6. Best Portable Lamp – Docooler 174, Mini Portable Camping Lantern

Dimensions – 4.8 x 3.3 x 2.6 inches
Weight – 5 ounces
The High Points – mini-portable design, high-energy ceramic, piezoelectric ignition system, aluminum alloy, and offers crush resistance
Not So – the initial setup is slightly complicated

This aluminum and glass alloy engineering is a powerful creation that delivers only bright light. A perfect solution for outdoor adventures and camping, it ensures you experience the best time while enjoying your excursion.

Integrated with a piezoelectric ignition system it ensures you always achieve successful ignition. The gas lantern is totally shatterproof and can be easily carried along even in the toughest and extreme conditions.

This portable and super lightweight propane lantern is really a blessing for the campers. It is durable, safe, and their best choice for picnic, hiking, and camping.

It is a must-have for all those who camp. It is bright and reliable and works well with not just propane, but also with butane, and butane and propane mix.

Features & Considerations

An intensified stainless steel design, offers better resistance to crush and even better transmittance. The high-energy ceramic ignition system makes sure you always get successful ignition in just one go.

It adopts intensified light because its nickel alloy and aluminum allow construction. Holding resistance to corrosion and high temperature, it makes sure you never experience hassles when outdoors. The brightness is reachable up to 80LUX to ensure you can clearly see even the smallest thing.

Mini Portable Camping Lantern Gas Light Tent Lamp Torch Hanging Lamp
208 Reviews
Mini Portable Camping Lantern Gas Light Tent Lamp Torch Hanging Lamp
  • --BRIGHT LIGHT: The brightness can reach up to 80LUX. Powerful lantern...
  • --BRIGHT LIGHT: The brightness can reach up to 80LUX. Powerful lantern...
  • --EASY TO LIGHT UP: High-energy ceramic piezoelectric ignition system...
  • --SHATTERPROOF GAS LANTERN FOR CAMPING: Intensified thin lamp chimney,...

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7. Best Budget Pick – EOOCVT Built-In Portable Ultralight Camping Gas Lantern

Dimensions – 6 x 2.9 x 2.9 inches
Weight – 9.6 ounces
The High Points – compact and small, releases good heat and light, good fuel control, excellent performance, portable, unbreakable
Not So – it gets hot, which is not safe to touch

Another splendid propane lantern, which is worth investing your money, is by EOOCVT. It is a cool compact unit best for camping and backpacking. The most wonderful feature of this lantern is that it does not come with a glass globe. Hence, there will be no issue with breaks or cracks!

Holding lightweight, it is as bright as an 80 watts bulb, which is sufficient for one or two individuals. The piezo ignition system is coupled with a simple and user-friendly design. With its hanging chain, you can easily hang it to the tree branch.

An impressive choice, everyone likes this compact and small unit that pours out abundant light and heat. Though the chain is not of that good quality, it is good for the price charged.

It assembles in no time and seems to work well. The mantel is a ceramic mesh and comes in decent quality. This tiny unit works nicely. You can also go for its glass version, which is slightly brighter.

Features & Considerations

The strong stainless steel design offers better transmittance and resistance to damage and crush. It is a powerful design with a piezoelectric ignition system offering successful ignition. Its brightness reaches up to 80LUX, which is sufficient enough for single and double-person use.

The nickel alloy material is well-packed in a plastic box. It is lightweight and compact and uses propane, butane, and a mix of both.

eoocvt Bulin Portable Ultralight Compact Camping Gas Lantern
145 Reviews
eoocvt Bulin Portable Ultralight Compact Camping Gas Lantern
  • Adopts intensified light aluminum alloy and nickel alloy material,...
  • Intensified stainless steel lamp-chimney, providing better transmittance...
  • The brightness can reach up to 80LUX.A hanging chain included
  • Well packed in a plastic box (Includes three mantles), Compact and...

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8. Longest Runtime – Coleman Deluxe PerfectFlow Propane Lantern with Soft Case

Dimensions – 8 x 8.13 x 12.25 inches
Weight – 2.2 pounds
Lasts up to – 7.5 hours with 16.4 oz. cylinder
The High Points – adjustable dimmer knob, consistent fuel, easy to install mantles, globe resists cracking, durable porcelain ventilator, improved base stability
Not So – the case is not made with plastic, and hence, is not much durable

No matter where you go if you are carrying the Coleman Deluxe Propane Lantern with you, you are carrying the longest runtime. Offering bright light, this lamp comes with a soft carry case. The 970 lumens offer 360 degrees of light to let you have clear visibility even when it is extremely dark.

The dimmer knob is fully adjustable and makes it easy to achieve the correct amount of light. The PerfectFlow system offers consistent light and makes you gain absolute ease whenever you are camping or traveling.

This is another Coleman lantern we have reviewed and liked. It is great for camping as well as other activities and in all weather conditions. The included case is soft and compact and protects the glass globe completely.

Easy to ignite and assemble, it works great. The only issue some of them had was trying to light it by match. It is super handy and delivers brightness as promised.

Features & Considerations

Packed with a soft carry case, this lantern offers protected storage and convenient packing. The globe holds resistance to high-temperature cracking. Its porcelain structure offers ventilator resistance to corrosion and rust.

The Insta-clip 21 mantles are easy to install. Its unique collar nest base offers enhanced stability for a more firm connection. Hence, go for this product when you want comfort, lighting, and ease at every step!

Coleman Deluxe PerfectFlow Propane Lantern with Soft Carry Case
66 Reviews
Coleman Deluxe PerfectFlow Propane Lantern with Soft Carry Case
  • Adjustable brightness level from low to high
  • Footed base maximizes stability and folds up for compact storage
  • Match light ignition

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9. Most Lightweight Design – Lixada Mini Propane Camping Lantern Single Mantle

Dimensions – 1.5 x 1.3 x 3.9 inches
Weight – 98g
The High Points – high-quality material, waterproof and heat resistant, easy to carry, packaged in a plastic box, durable, adjustable firepower, extensive application
Not So – It does not have a grip handle

A superior construction, it is a lightweight and compact design that is equipped with lighting fixtures and is practical to use. It offers complete control over the light and power to make sure you have a great time using it.

Being simple, it is very easy to use. The toughened glass is durable and light and breakage-proof. Buy this product to enjoy greater convenience, style, and comfort.

This little lamp impressed them with its eminent performance. It is a solid way to use the rest of the gas in propane tanks and allows adjusting the flame easily.

This solid design is extremely high-quality and is pretty straightforward, which makes it a perfect choice for even those who are using propane lanterns for the first time.

Features & Considerations

It is an aluminum alloy, stainless steel, and copper construction holding a long life. Holding high resistance to temperature and heat, the toughened glass lantern globe is durable and light. Integrated with an easy lifting-up handle offers practical use and makes it easy to carry along.

The lightweight design comes with an easy-to-carry storage box made of plastic. The toughened glass lampshade is durable and light and holds resistance to breakage. It also allows easy regulation of the firepower making it one of the best lanterns available to date.

Lixada Lamp Light Butane Gas Light Lantern Outdoor Use Only for Camping Picnic Self-Driving (Gas...
230 Reviews
Lixada Lamp Light Butane Gas Light Lantern Outdoor Use Only for Camping Picnic Self-Driving (Gas...
  • MATERIAL: Aluminum alloy, copper, and stainless steel construction.
  • HEAT RESISTANT & WINDPROOF: Corrosion and high-temperature resistance....
  • CONVENIENT TO CARRY: Mini and lightweight design, easy and convenient to...
  • DURABLE: Toughened glass lamp shade is light and durable, breakage-proof....

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10. Best for Single Person – Docooler Mini Portable Camping Lantern

Dimensions – 30 inches tree-shaped design
Weight – 2 lbs
The High Points – versatile distribution allows great usage, adjustable base, shut off valve, works with lanterns, lightweight, and compact
Not so – the base is not much stable

It is a tree-shaped gas lantern, which is perfect for single-person use. It is so light in weight that you can easily carry it around. Its most amazing functionality is that you can use it for not just lighting, but also for running appliances.

It is a great lantern for the price. It is brighter and high-powered. A high level of brightness is achievable with low fuel usage. It does not come with a carry case, however, it is sturdy itself that does not break easily.

The mounting bolts are of extremely good quality. It works amazingly well as a hanging lantern. The only drawback is its base, which is not so stable.

Features & Considerations

It is a great unit offering even light distribution. The exclusive design comes with a support bracket. Using this, you can easily operate three propane appliances at once.

The base is fully adjustable even on uneven surfaces. The shut-off valve allows for maximum safety. Lightweight and compact design make it easy to pack and transport.

Mini Portable Camping Lantern Gas Light Tent Lamp Torch Hanging Lamp
208 Reviews
Mini Portable Camping Lantern Gas Light Tent Lamp Torch Hanging Lamp
  • --BRIGHT LIGHT: The brightness can reach up to 80LUX. Powerful lantern...
  • --BRIGHT LIGHT: The brightness can reach up to 80LUX. Powerful lantern...
  • --EASY TO LIGHT UP: High-energy ceramic piezoelectric ignition system...
  • --SHATTERPROOF GAS LANTERN FOR CAMPING: Intensified thin lamp chimney,...

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The Complete Propane Lantern Buyer’s Guide

  1. What Makes the Best Propane Lantern for You?
  2. Selection Criteria: How we ranked the best propane lantern
  3. Frequently Asked Questions

What Makes the Best Propane Lantern for You?

Check for Number of Mantles

The lantern’s mantle offers bright, white light. The mantle is either mesh or ceramic material made from metal fixed with fabric. The mesh prevents and encases the flame generated by the lantern. The number of mantles tells the brightness of the light. This is useful for having numerous mantles when one of them burns out or breaks.

You can select between a double and a single mantle lantern. The primary difference between a single and double lantern is the one with double mantles is brighter. It can be tricky to light a few mantles. A lantern with a double mantle is useful for a skilled person.

Brightness vs. Capacity

Distinct lanterns need varying amounts of fuel. Some of them burn for a shorter time period and others burn dim for a longer period. A few propane lanterns come with an adjustable fuel gauge and can dictate the volume of fuel used for brightness.

Most of the lanterns run on a 16.4-ounce propane cylinder, but the cylinder last is exclusive to each lantern. Based on the volume of fuel being used, a cylinder can last for up to 12 hours.


Lanterns primarily come with an attached base. For a few compact lanterns, the base is broken down or disassembled. It allows the lantern to be stored in a simpler pack. Compact lanterns can be collapsible, which implies the upper half of the lantern fits inside the base container.

A lantern of normal size is around one foot tall and has a handle attached to it. The compact lanterns, once broken down, are closer to a height of six inches.

There is also a kind of compact lantern, which attaches to the top of the propane cylinder. The lantern cannot be stood up without a cylinder, which is the core foundation of the lantern. This may be useful for bringing this sort of lantern on applications, which need a light pack.

Selection Criteria | How We Ranked the Best Propane Heater

1. Burn Time

Run time or burn time refers to the total volume of time, which lantern can function on per unit volume of fuel it has in the cylinder. It is determined by the rate of fuel consumption and is an estimate of the lantern’s efficiency. Pick a lantern offering higher efficiency. Settle for a lantern that offers longer realistic fun.

2. Fuel Consumption

A good lantern burns less fuel per unit of time. It holds a moderate fuel consumption rating or capacity. Avoid spending too much to operate a lantern all the time.

3. Fuel Capacity

Check for the total fuel a cylinder contains. A unit with a higher capacity is desirable and can be easily carried around without worrying about fuel shortage.

4. Convenience

Lighting the lantern must be simple and equally convenient must be to refuel it. It must offer additional conveniences like hanging from the line or branch, useful for cooking or keeping food warm, useful for recharging the GPS or phone, and others.

5. Heat Output

Heat is a good source in chilly weather for warmth or for cooking, but it must be handled with caution and kept away from flammable materials. Look for a propane lantern, which holds resistance to tip over and is stable.

6. Operating Cost

Consider not just fuel efficiency but also the relative price of the fuel. This can be estimated by comparing the number of hours you can use the lantern for every dollar.  

7. Durability

A lantern appearing delicate may be highly durable. Do check numerous reviews to find out if your lantern is more fragile than it appears.

8. Duration

Considering how long the lantern will run between recharges, battery replacement, or refill is essential. One that runs longer is better, especially when you don’t have numerous light sources.

9. Water Resistance

When rain occurs, you will perform better with a propane lamp only if it is waterproof. Such units keep performing even when submerged in water.

10. Indoor Usage

Propane lanterns can increase emergency lighting at home in power outages, but some sorts are only safe with proper ventilation.

Sale Coleman QuickPack Deluxe Propane Lantern
Sale Coleman NorthStar Propane Lantern

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Do propane lanterns are ideal in all weather?

A. Propane lanterns are not good for all weather. They are ideal to use for outdoor camping, hiking, or emergency situations. Propane may work fine on chilly days when the temperature is close to 40 degrees Fahrenheit, it usually does not work under 0 Degrees. Hence, if you are looking for a lighting option for extreme conditions then propane is not a suitable option.

Q. Are propane lanterns safe?

A. These units are safe till the time they are in working condition. They are great for not just outdoor use but also for camping and emergency situations. A lot of people can cook using propane. Now propane must not be used indoors and you have to be sure that the lanterns are in working condition. For this, they must be properly maintained and used. We suggest if you use them indoors then use them in a space with proper ventilation.

Q. Why is my propane lantern not light?

A. This could happen because of numerous reasons. The most prominent cause is the lack of fuel supply. Check the mantle of your lantern whether it is working fine or not. Also, check if anything is preventing the adequate mix of air and gas from coming together. For any issues, check the troubleshooting options.

Q. What are the top brands for propane heaters?

A. There are always new designs and models introduced. But one brand, which has been always performing high for years is Coleman. It is a renowned company focused on offering extremely well and efficient lanterns.

Q. Is it safe to use propane lanterns indoors?

A. It is not safe to use propane lanterns indoors. It is because the lantern gets fueled using propane, kerosene, or white gas. It releases carbon monoxide and exposure to the same can be a life hazard.

Q. How many cylinders must I bring?

A. This depends on the excursion. For example, if you burn a lantern on low light, your propane cylinder will last for up to 12 hours. So, depending on that you can estimate the numbers of cylinders you require.

Q. Can the lantern flame blow out?

A. This can happen, but it is a rare case. The mantles are created to burn within the lantern’s globe. If the globe is a fracture and cracks resistant, it will remain sealed and never blow out.

Q. What do lumens mean in propane heaters?

A. Lumens are the SI unit of the luminous flux. It is similar to the amount of light emitted in one second. It determines the dullness or brightness of a propane lantern.

Q. How do propane lanterns work?

A. Basically, propane lanterns use fuel like propane to produce heat. This heat subsequently makes the mantles release light energy.

Wrapping Up

The above-listed lanterns are the best in terms of efficiency, performance, reliability, and safety. We have reviewed them in detail and after considering a hundred aspects. Hope it helps you to pick the best propane lantern easily! 

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