Do you even know how it feels like when you purchase a regular space heater and pay up electricity bills more than any two regular heaters combined?

Horrible right? Ask your friend!

You could experience the same if you keep on repeating these silly mistakes. Energy efficiency heaters could do wonders to both your room and wallet. Probably this is why Heat Storm has become such a popular choice amongst people who require space heaters and radiant heaters.

Key features like HMS technology and optimal radiant heating takes a big part in keeping your room comfortable and also reducing humidity from walls. Hold on and check the moisture content on your walls! With Heat Storm heaters, they will simply be gone!

If you do not want to miss out on this opportunity, here are the best Het Storm haters you can definitely try for an upgrade.

Top Rated Best Heat Storm Heater [2021]

1.Heat Storm HS-1000-WX-WIFI WiFi Infrared Wall Heater

Space heaters may become incompetent when it comes to effective heating but never with an infrared heater from Heat Storm. The brand clearly indicates how well it can perform.

Since it utilizes infrared heating technology, this product starts heating surroundings instead of air. I believe it is an amazing utilization of power with effective heating.

Coming to design, it sits in a compact shell, and of course, this product is amazing to watch as well. You can enjoy a modern design with a classic white look.

 I’ve seen a few people utilizing this space heater for their bathrooms and small rooms, and it seems to be the right choice because of the compact body structure.

The adjustable thermostat is always a key feature for any space heater. However, this product from Heat Storm goes to be one of the best in this field. It comes with a LED display that can easily show up your current settings and manually change them as required.

This heater is completely safe to use, and it is also protected. Even if you are running this product for a long time, a safe touch grill allows you to control the swing at any time. You won’t have to worry too much about touching the heater or even carrying it from an open place to another.

When things come down to safety, this product comes with ETL safety certification. Personally, I’ve used this product a number of times, and I’ve never seen walls catch more moisture because of using it for a long time.


  • Comes with WiFi mode
  • It is light in weight.
  • Provides efficient heating


  • It May take a bit of time to heat.
Heat Storm HS-1000-WX-WIFI WiFi Infrared Wall Heater, 1000 Watt
5,892 Reviews
Heat Storm HS-1000-WX-WIFI WiFi Infrared Wall Heater, 1000 Watt
  • WIFI ENABLED (WALL MOUNT ONLY - ETL REGULATED) - This space heater makes it...
  • EFFECTIVE HEAT - Infrared heat from this space heater warms objects instead...
  • SAFE TOUCH GRILL - our grills are made out of material that doesn’t burn...
  • MODERN DESIGN - Wall mount design means you don't lose floor space. Perfect...

Last update on 2022-09-12 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

2. Heat Storm HS-1500-PHX wifi heater – Best WiFi heater

If installing a space heater is a big challenge for you, getting over HS-1500-PHX will surely take it away. This product comes with an impressive compact body and is quickly mountable. Any professional will take only 10 minutes to install this product.

The reason why I’ve seen most people buy HS-1500-PHX is because of the immaculate wifi strength and easy accessibility. You can simply download your mobile application and control the thermostat according to your needs.

This product is extremely compact from all sides. It presents an overall slim body that easily walls mountable. Personally, I would fancy this space heating device for small rooms.

Initially, it was a big challenge to see how radiation heating will affect the walls, but a decent heating mechanism always helps out the most. HS-1500-PHX comes with similar mechanisms that have energy-efficient heating and provide a decent run.

One feature about HS-1500-PHX has impressed everyone in the auto shut-off mechanism. This heater seems to run decently enough until it reaches the desired temperature of your room. Once it drops down 2 to 3 degrees, it automatically turns off.

The one thing that I learned while working with this product is that it can be compatible with any third-party application. You can easily set up a timer and control temperatures with such applications.

While working, this product comes with a safety grill that remains cool even when you run the heater for a long time. It runs with a 1500 Watts power which is fairly energy efficient to use as well. You can expect the product to deliver you an amazing result.


  • Easy to install
  • Extremely light in weight
  • Safe to touch grill


  • There are no feet included
Heat Storm HS-1500-PHX-WIFI Infrared Heater, Wifi Wall Mounted
9,066 Reviews
Heat Storm HS-1500-PHX-WIFI Infrared Heater, Wifi Wall Mounted
  • (Wall Mounted Heater Only.) Wi-Fi enabled makes it possible for you to...
  • Safe to the touch grill. 1500 watts of power
  • Space saving wall mount design means you don't lose floor space. Perfect...
  • When installed over the outlet, you can hide the cord inside the heater....

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3. Heat Storm HS-1500-TT Tripod + Heater – Best Radiant Heater

Heat Storm HS-1500-TT is an amazing product available on the list and it is a bit different from natural space heaters. Although it follows the same radiant heating technology, heat comes out through long waves from this product.

Compared with other space heaters, HS-1500-TT is a tripod-based heater. It has a simple plug and play mechanism and you can expect your room to get a heater within 5 minutes. Instant heat technology becomes very impressive for such parts and it seems to be working well.

Coming to setup and use, it comes with three different parts including tripod stand, heater and accessories. It takes merely 10 minutes to assemble. With a direct plug adapter, you can start heating your home and place it anywhere.

In case you are planning to set up the HS-1500-TT in an open space, you won’t have to worry about the rains. It comes with an IPX4 coating that is completely waterproof. This radiant heater is also dust-proof in nature.

This device from Heat Storm operates with impressive power. It can quickly provide an output of 5200 BTU which is great for single room use. Installation is completely hassle-free and with a 13 feet cord, you can expect to keep it at a corner of your room.

The best part of having this device is that it is both wall-mountable and capable of delivering big. I was a bit sceptical about fitting HS-1500-TT against the wall, but it seemed to be working fine and it also offers silent operation.


  • It is completely weatherproof
  • Installation is quick
  • This device is portable


  • Heat bulb may break
Heat Storm HS-1500-TT Infrared, 13 ft Cord, Tripod + Heater
1,514 Reviews
Heat Storm HS-1500-TT Infrared, 13 ft Cord, Tripod + Heater
  • NOTE: Will not mount on ceiling or turn on unless black box is mounted...
  • INSTANT HEAT - Infrared heat is silent and comfortable. It warms objects...
  • PLUG & PLAY - 110 V plug in cord for use anywhere there is a normal outlet
  • IPX4 WEATHERPROOF - Protected against rain and dust

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4. Heat Storm HS-1500-ISA Infrared Heater- Best portable Heater

Getting a heater that you can quickly travel with or even shift places is always a luxury. The Heat Storm HS-1500-ISA provides you with such luxury that you will love to carry out with. It is extremely light in weight and up to 9 lbs.

Don’t let the small size and compact nature of this heater deceive you at all. Heat Storm HS-1500-ISA is a highly impressive product that can provide you with utmost comfort while it is performing.

With a productivity rate of almost 5200 BTU, you can expect this Heat Storm HS-1500-ISA to deliver you a space heating requirement of 1000 sure feet. Of course, it will take some time to heat up the space, but it can be a good buy.

To make it energy efficient, Heat Storm has introduced the HMS technology. This technology is specially built for compact heaters that can be highly efficient.

Although this product runs with 1500 Watts, the high energy efficiency mechanism and the auto shut feature can save you a lot of money. You can quickly reduce the power consumption from 1500 watts to 750 watts with the help of a controller.

To make things more interesting Heat Storm HS-1500-ISA comes along with an LED display. It shows the current temperature and settings of your heater. To control this, you can also get WiFi mode which you can control from your mobile devices.

Another impressive feature of using this heater is the option of having ETL certification. With this certification, you can ensure that comes with safety sensors. In case of any overheating problems, Heat Storm HS-1500-ISA will shut down automatically.


  • Comes with HMS Technology
  • It includes 1-year warranty
  • This product has LED display


  • Takes time to heat
Heat Storm HS-1500-ISA Sahara Indoor Ultra Lightweight Portable Infrared Space Heater - 1500 Watts -...
136 Reviews
Heat Storm HS-1500-ISA Sahara Indoor Ultra Lightweight Portable Infrared Space Heater - 1500 Watts -...
  • This portable 1500 watt infrared heater has the power to heat up to 1000...
  • Our patented heat exchanger with HMS Technology combines with humidity in...
  • Small convenient size makes this perfect for any room in the house. Energy...
  • Built in thermostat with LED display shows you what the ambient temperature...

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5. Heat Storm HS-1500-OTR Infrared Heater – Best Outdoor Heater

Heat Storm HS-1500-OTR is highly recommended for flat heating requirements. Most people use this product for outdoor heating needs as it solves your space heating needs in a jiffy. Although there are no feet included, you can quickly wall mount this heater.

I would have liked more if there was a thermostat included with this product. However, if you are considering it as a flat heating option especially for outdoor needs, Heat Storm HS-1500-OTR can be a great choice to make.

This amazing device comes with radiant heating technology. Instead of heating direct air, it works to heat surroundings. Thus, even if you shut down the heater for a while, it should be able to keep your space warm for a long.

Coming to installation, this device comes with a fast transfer of heat. It operates with 5200 BTU which is quite decent for any space heater. As a result, it helps to heat directly to 7 feet from the device. Good insulation outdoors will definitely be handy if you are using this.

Heat Storm HS-1500-OTR features a complete lightweight body and it weighs up to 5 lbs. thus, it becomes extremely portable. To help you with installation, this device comes with two bars on the back. You can always use it as a mounting bracket against any wall.

For outdoor use, the Heat Storm HS-1500-OTR is completely safe to deal with. This product features IPX4 and IP35 waterproof coating. This coating prevents rain and dust from forming on the body of this product.

Although the Heat Storm claims this device to get instant heating, you can still expect that it will take at least 5 minutes to heat up the outdoor space. There is no forced air movement and radiant heating will always take up a bit of time.


  • 6.5-foot long cord
  • Safer and cleaner to use
  • IP35 weatherproof


  • No thermostat present
Heat Storm HS-1500-OTR Infrared Heater, 1500-watt
1,514 Reviews
Heat Storm HS-1500-OTR Infrared Heater, 1500-watt
  • This is the perfect outdoor heating solution, featuring a weatherproof...
  • Safer and cleaner to use. Does not output CO2 like propane or natural gas...
  • 6.5 foot long three pronged cord. This comes with a 1 year manufacturer...
  • NOTE: Will not mount on ceiling or turn on unless black box is mounted...

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6. Heat Storm Preston Infrared Heater – Best Indoor Heater

A lot of people may fancy purchasing the Heat Storm Preston because of the fancy look that it provides. This device comes along with a classic wooden structure that looks just like a professional space heater to sit in your drawing room.

Because of the structure and design, Heat Storm Preston may seem to be a bit overweight. However, you can still carry it or lift this device and place it on the upper floors while installation. It does not have a wall mounting option, but you can get rolling feet for easy movement.

Heat Storm Preston features an impressive LED display on the front panel with bold digits. It shows you the current status of your settings and temperatures. On top of this, it also comes with a remote. You will be able to quickly make changes throughout.

Another impressive feature to think about is the energy efficiency mode. Because of the nature of this device, a lot of people may overlook this feature. However, it seems to be a top choice to go forward with. It conserves power as soon as you reach the desired temperatures.

Although this device runs with infrared heat technology, it features a dynamic heat exchanger. Moreover, the option of having HMS technology takes care of humidity inside the room. Even if you run this product for long, it should be able to provide you with comfort.

The body is made up of high-density fiberboard and it has a wooden finish. Some plates are also manufactured with ABS plastic which provides longer durability. Internal elements do get support with a copper cord for maximum durability.


  • It includes HMS Technology
  • Energy-Efficient mode
  • Regulate the temperature efficiently


  • Not for bathrooms
Heat Storm Preston Portable Infrared Space Heater
134 Reviews
Heat Storm Preston Portable Infrared Space Heater
  • This portable 1500 watt infrared heater has the power to heat up to 1000...
  • Our patented heat exchanger with HMS Technology combines with humidity in...
  • Small convenient size makes this perfect for any room in the house....
  • Built in thermostat with LED display shows you what the ambient temperature...

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7. Heat Storm HS-6000-GC Heater – Best Garage Heater

If you are looking for a device that may be well compatible with your garage, look no further! Heat Storm HS-6000-GC is all that you were looking for with such amazing features. For low-space heating, it can be an ideal choice.

Needless to say, this is a compact device that comes along with an instant heating mechanism. It runs with an adjustable power supply which you can remotely operate between 3000 to 6000 watts.

When it comes down to performance, Heat Storm HS-6000-GC is quite compact and it works like a heavyweight. You can get relatively higher output with 10000 to 20000 BTU which is also impressive to use under any condition.

The one thing that I liked about Heat Storm HS-6000-GC is the mode of operation. Although it comes with a forced-air heating option, this device runs extremely quiet and thus it can cause no disturbance at all.

Heat Storm HS-6000-GC comes with dual installation options. It has a flat base which allows you to keep this device on the floor. However, you can also add a mounting bracket at the back end to wall mount this space heater.

To enhance the features, Heat Storm HS-6000-GC comes along with a built-in thermostat. To control this, you can quickly set up the heater with your phone. It takes very little time to get connected and start controlling the temperatures.

Setting up schedules is another advanced feature that everyone would like the most. With any compatible applications, you can either set it for schedule or enhance a timer to work with this device.


  • You can set a schedule
  • Quiet and comfortable heat
  • Automatically turn on and off


  • Runs only with 240V

Heat Storm HS-6000-GC Heater, Gray
59 Reviews
Heat Storm HS-6000-GC Heater, Gray
  • INSTANT HEAT - 3000 to 6000 watts of quiet and comfortable heat. It warms...
  • CEILING OR WALL MOUNTED - Hardwired installation required. Ideal for...
  • WIFI ENABLED - Connect this heater to your wifi and then control this...
  • BUILT IN THERMOSTAT - Set your heater to the perfect temperature and it...

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Heat Storm heater Troubleshooting [How to Do]

How do you reset an infrared heater?

If you wish to reset your heater normally, you can do it by turning off your heater. Simply power off your heater and then you can simply remove your power socket. For a few minutes till this device finishes cooling off.

After 0-5 minutes, you can plug back in the power socket and you can turn it back on. Your heater is now reset and you will be able to use it again.

If you want to use factory reset mode, you will be able to do it through your network interface. Most smart home heaters come with wifi-enabled options. You can connect your heater to any third-party application and you will be able to configure it properly.

There should be specific procedures mentioned which you can apply to quickly finish resetting your heater.

How do I connect my heat storm to WIFI?

Smart home devices come along with better connectivity options. Having a heat storm heater with wifi options will give you the best result. If you wish to configure your heat storm heater with your wifi device, you can easily do it by following the steps mentioned below.

  1. Start by holding the up or down arrow available on your heater. You need to keep holding onto this for at least 5-10 seconds.
  2. Once you do this, your Wi-Fi system should start blinking. If it does not, reset your heater again.
  3. Download a compatible application to your heater and you will be able to quickly configure it back.
  4. Enable hotspot from your mobile device and tap on the model number of your heat storm heater as shown here.
  5. Now you will have to follow the on-screen instructions as provided over here. This will help you to quickly configure your space heater to your router.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many units can be plugged in before breaker trips?

Your circuit board configuration should be essential when it comes to installing your space heater. Although most of them run with a power input of 1500 Watts, adding additional heaters may still tip your breaker.
Thus, it is recommended that you must not go beyond 2 products on the same plug. Remember to directly plug in your adapter to the wall socket and never opt for extensions.

How does the automatic shut-off feature work in Het Storm?

To be specific, the automatic shut off feature is an amazing choice for installing space heaters. Unlike most other models, Heat Storm did not include a timer option for automatic operations. So, the detection now comes down to temperature.
Most wifi-enabled devices allow you to run the heater at certain temperatures. With HMS sensors, they can quickly react when this desired temperature meets your room temperature. The heater turns off automatically.

How long is it safe to turn on my heater?

Running on your heater seems to be a great choice if you want to heat a specific area. The time required to heat your room completely depends on the space that you have, BTU output, and also energy conversion.
Still, if you want to estimate, any regular heater will operate for at least 2-3 hours to heat a space of 500 square feet. You must ensure that the device you choose comes with an overheat protector.

What is the lowest temperature setting?

Temperature settings and adjustable thermostats are present on most space heaters from Heat Storm. However, most of these devices come along with a range of 40 and 99 when it comes to the lowest temperature setting.
This is the lowest heat setting which is present by default. If you want to alter this heat setting, you can quickly try out an adjustable thermostat and install it accordingly. Some heaters may also come with a default temperature of 45 F.

What is the range of wireless connectivity?

Smart home heating systems come with NFC mode. You can always configure it with your routing device. Operating it manually does not require any bar, but if you have a wireless feature and are looking forward to using this, you can always connect it to your router.
Bringing this device within the router range will do your job. You will have to make sure that it is connected to the router while you are configuring the heater.


When you are installing a space heater, it is important to avoid direct contact with walls. Place them in a certain location where there is no obstruction while heating.

Radiant heating technology allows heaters to heat up the surroundings more than the air. Thus, it always tends to stay heated longer.

Purchasing an energy-efficient heater that is capable of heating the space you require should be your top priority. Such heaters have higher conversion rates of low power consumption and provide more BTU.

Do let us know in the comments below about which products you liked the most and why it has become a great choice for you.

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